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13-09-2018, 04:01 PM
Swindon is hosting the Tamiya DT challenge on Sunday 7th October.

Classes are:

DT02 Stock
DT02 / DT03 Modified
DT01 (with motor limit)
DT02 Juniors Stock
Hotshot support class

Further info to follow regarding allowed modifications and motor limits.

Dust off those old Tamiyas and come and have some fun!


13-09-2018, 04:58 PM
And the rules, taken from IconicRC:

RULES & Regulations


These construction rules are here simply ensure fair competition and of course encourage enjoyment for ALL. We therefore ask you to respect them.

RULES APPLYING TO:- STANDARD (‘Holiday Buggy / Sand Rover’) CLASS

1) Only - 2010 Holiday Buggy (Blue or Red body) - 2011 Sand Rover – Street Rover – RC Buggy Kumamon Version (DT-02 Chassis) cars may be entered.

All other DT-02/03 models/body-shells are specifically excluded from this class, and therefore will be automatically entered into the ‘Open/Modified’ class.

2) MOTORS – there is a choice of motors (factory sealed can only) where strictly limited to using:-
i. Any Tamiya kit supplied ‘silver can’ 540 motor.
ii. The Tamiya ‘Sport Tuned’ 540 motor.
iii. The Tamiya ‘Torque’ Tuned 540 motor.


The use of heat sinks to cool the motor is permitted and/or 'cut-away' / 'drilling' of existing outer rear gearbox motor covering to allow better airflow around motor is also allowed. Fans on motors are NOT allowed (but fans on ESC’s are allowed).

3) Additional items / components cannot be added to the car (such as second motors or larger external bumpers etc.) unless clearly stated otherwise herewith.

4) All standard kit parts must be used, unless specific allowance is stated herein. The use/exchange of parts (including wheels/tyres etc etc), or use/exchange of stronger parts/hop-ups (alloys, carbon etc) is strictly forbidden, whether the parts are the same design or not.

i. A free choice of alternative steering servo-savers are permitted. You may fit an alloy type if you wish.
ii. Therefore items such as - UJ drive shafts, any other alloy parts, adjustable upper suspensions arms etc are NOT PERMITTED.

5) Front shock tower braces are permitted (3Racing, Carson, Tamiya). SEE NOTES BELOW.

6) BODYSHELL - The body-shell must be securely fastened at all times. This can be decorated by the user, but please ensure that decoration is not offensive. SEE NOTES BELOW.

7) RADIO GEAR - Any commercially available radio control gear conforming to UK law can be used (either frequency of 27MHz, 40MHz or 2.4GHz).

Where 27Mhz and 40Mhz is intended for use, please be prepared by having a choice of frequencies available on the day, and inform the Race Director when booking in at race control as to the use.

8) SPEED CONTROLLERS - Any commercially available speed controller (suited to operating the MOTORS listed) can be used.

9) BATTERY PACK - Any commercially available but only 7.2v Sub C sized NiCd/NiMH, or equivalent 7.4v (2S) HARD CASED LiPo battery packs are permitted. For safety reasons, battery packs must have electrical connectors fitted that can be disconnected quickly by a marshall if required during a race, i.e. battery packs must NOT be ‘hard wired’ to the speed-controller.

10) To allow competitive racing, a computerised timing system will be used. Bringing your own personal lap-counting transponders is essential! [NO HANDOUT TRANSPODERS FOR THIS YEARS EVENT, You must have your own personal transponder, no P.T. NO racing.

11) SUSPENSION – replacement oil shock absorbers are allowed, as long as a direct replacement / fit onto the standard chassis. Alternative springs and shock oils are permitted.

12) GEARS – differing gear ratios / pinion gears are permitted (17 & 19 tooth pinions). All other gears/components within the gearbox must remain as standard, i.e. standard spur gear and bevel differential must be maintained (the use of a ball differential and/or UJ drive shafts is forbidden).

13) BALL-RACES – replacement ball-races / bearings / bushes are permitted.

14) WHEELS & TYRES – Any wheels &/or tyres combinations can be used, but strictly limited to those provided within standard kits as listed in Point 1) above ONLY.

15) WATER-PROOFING – Water-proofing of equipment is permitted, including fitment of the ‘Hunter Systems’ chassis cover.

16) HOME-MADE MODIFICATIONS / PARTS – home-made modifications or parts are strictly forbidden but with exception allowed within the following 2 area’s. No other home-made parts or modifications please!

i) BODY-SHELL – as you may well know, we actively encourage alternative ‘decorative’ modification to your body-shells, including adding ‘comedic’ characters/colours/themes etc (but non-offensive above). So your home-made efforts are welcome here!
ii) FRONT SHOCK TOWER BRACE - you may make your own ‘front shock tower brace’, whether a small ‘plate’ or ‘turnbuckle’, but whatever you use MUST be ‘small and neat’.
NOTE: we STRONGLY recommend you buy a commercially available item such as from 3 RACING (limited stock levels!) or DAVID BEEBY (he’s got loads of them and very cheap to buy!). David’s contact details can be found within this event’s Facebook ‘event page’.


This class must be in full compliance with: GENERAL RULES APPLYING TO STANDARD Holiday Buggy / Sand Rover CLASS as above, but with the following amendments (a-g) allowed and taking precedence as applicable.

a) Open to using any of the past or current Tamiya DT-02 AND DT-03 based standard kit models [EXCLUDING THE DT03 AQROSHOT].

No use of over-sized ‘monster truck’ wheels/tyres is allowed. 1/10th scale size ‘buggy’ wheels/tyres must be used (no bigger than as provided within the standard Tamiya DT02/03 kit) - please see Point d) below.

b) Open to using any body-shell from any past or current Tamiya DT-02 or 03 based standard kit model ONLY.

c) Car must use the Tamiya DT-02 or 03 chassis and gearbox (but DT-02 geared diff or DT-02 ball diff are permitted in either chassis variant).

d) Any tyre and/or any wheel from any manufacturer are permitted (but regular 1/10th scale ‘buggy’ sizes only – over-sized ‘monster’ truck tyres/wheels are not permitted.

e) Car must use the kit standard Tamiya DT-02 chassis plate and gearbox, where (only commercially available) hop ups are permitted, ie Tamiya, 3racing, GPM, Yeah-Racing, Carson, etc. This maybe additional items such anti-roll bars, or simply replacement stronger components (still keeping same chassis design/layout).

Please note the following parts listed below are NOT PERMITTED to be changed to an alloy material (but other materials can be used):-

a. Shock towers
b. Suspension arms
c. bumpers

Bumpers are not to be changed, they MUST remain as standard kit items.

f) BRUSHED MOTORS - any commercially available BRUSHED ‘540 size’ motor with 19 turns or more (any 19 turn specification and any manufacturer allowed), combined with any commercially available electronic speed controller (from any manufacturer) to suit is allowed.
g) BRUSH-LESS MOTORS - any commercially available BRUSH-LESS ‘540 size’ motor with 10.5 turns or more (any manufacturer allowed), combined with any commercially available electronic speed controller (from any manufacturer) to suit is allowed. HOWEVER – equipment that allows advance/timing via the ESC is specifically forbidden.

Stock kit build but you are allowed Bearings, oil shocks, torque tuned motor and any tamiya wheels and tyres.

Any hot shot gearboxed derivative chassis, with either GT or Torque tuned motor,bearings, oil shocks, no big bore shocks, 2.0 inch wheels with kit tires or schumacher block tyres

26-09-2018, 09:57 AM
Do to a severe lack of entries this round has been cancelled yet again.