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08-05-2009, 12:45 PM
Jason Dearden (formerly of Mirage fame) got in contact to announce the formation of his a new distribution company - “Radio Control Distribution Company Ltd”, also under the catchier name of “RC DisCo”.


The new company will take over UK distribution of the well respected brands of XRAY and HUDY.
RC Disco is currently in final talks with experienced staff and is also in talks with other complimentary brands to wider the range offered. RC Disco will focus on the race end of the car market, selling to all good model shops that support the racing scene.
RC Disco and MirageUK are working closely together to ensure the smoothest possible change over and continued supply. To ensure good supply, continuation of prices and good service RC Disco already has ownership of the XRAY/HUDY stock at Mirage and will oversee operations until the agreed handover date, which will be confirmed later.
Modelshops and team drivers will be contacted shortly; ...but there is no need for concern, as Mirage will continue to supply shops and drivers, the change over when it comes will be virtually seamless (stock will be moved over a weekend and prices will not change.)

trade enquiries and communication to – sales@rcdisco.com
Distribution enquires for companies looking for distribution to – distribution@rcdisco.com
Team driver communications to – team@rcdisco.com

Notes –
Jason Dearden the ’92 Pro10 European Champion started Mirage RC Enterprises Ltd in late 1992 as a sideline, starting with Corally motors, then taking on the Team Orion line at the Baseldon worlds in ’93. Other brands followed. The big step came in ’98 when Jason founded HPI Europe on behalf of the overseas owner & helped to make HPI one of the bigger selling mainstream brands. Later Mirage was merged into the HPI group.
Late 2008 saw a disillusioned Jason leave the HPI group for a fresh challenge.

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Late 2008 saw a disillusioned Jason leave the HPI group for a fresh challenge.

I think thats because he got shafted by them in one way or another :lol: