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27-02-2007, 08:32 AM
Hi, I've got a B4 which I run indoor, usually at York and soon at Batley. Being pretty new to racing I'm still coming to terms with setting it up right. I've found it handles much better when set up pretty soft, especially the rear, but the problem is the jumps. The motor cover isn't hard enough to totally protect the motor so on the jumps it copping for some of the impact. Its fine usually but I've had the occasional problem with the motor either dislodging slightly so the pinion doesn't mesh right, or even lost a motor screw altogether.

Should I just set up harder, or are there stiffer motor covers available? I notice pretty much everyone grounds over the jumps, does anyone have similar problems.

Basic question I know, but any tips appreciated.


27-02-2007, 10:27 AM

I won't give you all details regarding car's setup, I'd prefer giving you some papers to read, hope that 'snot an issue:

Team Associated RC Handbook originally from Scott Guyatt (http://download.teamassociated.com/pdf/RC_HandbookV2.pdf)

RC Handbook updated for PetitRC and certifiied by Scott Guyatt (http://www.petitrc.com/reglages/RC_HandbookV3-2.pdf), basically the same as Team Associated but with last technology, tyres....

Car handling (http://www.teamassociated.com/racerhub/techhelp/marc/car_handling.html)

RC Car Handling by Elvo (http://home.tiscali.be/be067749/58/)

The two first links are almost the same, the first one is from 1994 (not sure) and dedicted to Off-Road only, the second one is from 2005 for both Off/On Road

The links takling about handling are advanced explanations of the firsts documents. I suggest to start with one of this handbooks.

Hope that help