View Full Version : Work Party & Practice - Saturday 03 October 2009

30-09-2009, 09:46 PM
A Work Party AND a Practice Session!

A few of us will be trackside from approx. 10:00AM Saturday morning, for a few hours (probably 'til mid-afternoon), prepping the track for the following days first round of the 2009/10 Winter Warmer series.

As per usual, everybodies welcome, young or old, newbie or pro, if there's any advice you want or help needed you only have to ask!

But please note, again there is work, lots of work, to be done BEFORE we can think about getting the buggies out!

Will also have a quantity of members equipment that has been put up for sale should anybody be interested, cars; radio equipment, motors, chargers, dischargers, batteries, wheels, tyres and spares, lots available, come and have a look

No doubt the urn will also get fired up from time to time for hot drinks, just seen the weather forecast and this may be popular! Hopefully the on-site cafe will be open like last weekend, top sausage baguettes!

EPR Committee