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06-10-2009, 01:03 PM
Emergency General Meeting

Venue - Robin Hood Pub, Jarrow (near Lindisfarne Roundabout off A194)

Date/Time: 9pm 6th Oct.


1. Update on current situation with the Jarrow School
2. Change of Club Meeting Day/Time
3. Possible New Venues
4. Vote on Way Forward.
5. Arrangements for clearing equipment from Old School.
6. AOB

06-10-2009, 01:05 PM
Summary of Meeting with Carillion (Jayne Petheridge & Kevin Jones) - 5th October 2009

- Starting point for the letting fee was 40/hr, although there may be some room for negotiation on this, but I think we are looking at least 30/hr .

- The only area being offered for our use would be the "Atrium Area", the sports hall was not on the agenda. We have a site pln and can work out the area.

- JORCR would be required to provide Risk Assessment, Insurance Certificates , Method Statement and complete floor covering.

- Container site would be a problem, Council agreement required. A trailer would be far less of an issue.

- Any out of hours access to the site would cost 22+ i.e 2hrs for caretaker to open.

- Weekend use indoors and outdoors would be possible, price to be agreed, starting point for this would be 280/use.

- Sports fields will only be available after 2011.

- There will be no access to the old school after the 23rd Oct. All the gear must be moved before then!


JP - make enquiries concerning Council approval of container/trailer.
JP - Provide a copy of the letting form

JORCR - Check with school over possible community use hours e.g. 200hrs
JORCR - Provide background information on our sport.

Peter - if you have anything to add then please let me know.