View Full Version : Mini Open Day - Saturday 7 November 2009

02-11-2009, 07:18 PM
These have raised some interest in recent weeks, so lets try having another!
Not really an Open Day and not really a Work Party!

A few of us will be trackside from approx. 10:00AM Saturday morning, for a few hours (until early/mid-afternoon), just to make sure everythings OK with the track (after Sunday's unfortunate spell of inclement weather!) and also give a few people, who have made recent enquiries, to come along, have a chat, see what it's all about and maybe have a few laps!

As per usual, everybodies welcome, young or old, newbie or pro, if there's any advice you want or help needed you only have to ask!

Will also have a quantity of members equipment that has been put up for sale should anybody be interested, cars; radio equipment, motors, chargers, dischargers, batteries, wheels, tyres and spares, lots available, come and have a look

Not doubt the urn will also get fired up from time to time for hot drinks!

EPR Committee