View Full Version : Definitive confirmed dates of IFMAR events.

07-01-2010, 12:32 PM

The IFMAR calendar for sporting events has been closed with an unanimous agreement from all IFMARBlocs. The proposed date for the IFMAR Electric Track events at the Burgdorf venue, EFRA Bloc, haschanged due to several Blocs requesting it to be further apart from the very first schedulled IFMAR date,the one of 1/10th I.C. 200 mm IFMAR World Championships at Porter, Houston, Texas.

IFMAR has to thank the generous effort done by the MAC-Burgdorf Club and the Geman ruling body DMC, and as well EFRA and its responsibles, making possible to be able to host such important event with satisfactory dates for all Blocs.

Consequently the IFMAR Official Sporting Calendar for the 2010 season is :

27th June to 4th July 2010: XV IFMAR World Championship 1:12th Electric Modified track & VI IFMAR WorldChampionship 1:10th Electric Touring Cars. Venue: Burgdorf (Germany); Club website: http://www.mac-burgdorf.de/

22th July to 1st August 2010: IV XV IFMAR World Championship 1:10th IC Track 200 mm. Venue:Gulfcoast Raceway, Porter, Texas (U.S.A.); Event website: http://www.2010ifmar200mmsedanworlds.com/

7th November to 14th November 2010: XIII IFMAR World Championship 1:8th IC Off Road. Venue: Pattaya RC Powerboat Club, Pattaya (Thailand).