View Full Version : a truly regrettable sale SC10 brushless

03-04-2010, 03:36 PM
hi guys i have decided to put my sc10 up for sale due to picking an sc8e up and it has to go to fund the electrics for that
basically it has the lrp ai brushless revers esc in it and the eraser 9.5t motor which have both seen about 9 20 min(ish) runs so not alot of use at all really. it hs a savox 20kg servo on the steering which has had about 1 runs use and the rpm gear cover, ft servo mounts and ft motor plate in blue currently has the kmc wheels body on it but i am having a custom paint job done on it(its a copy of someones in the states) by custom blitz but hasnt arrived yet but will send onto the buyer when i get it.
I cam include the new and un used radio gear that came with the rtr model as i run 2.4 so dont need it.
all this cost in the region of 450 quid but looking to sell quickly so first reasonable offer gets it. (pic of what the shell will look like attached below)


the pic of what the new shell will look like