View Full Version : The Tamiya meeting 2010 - The nostalgic event of the year

03-04-2010, 08:24 PM
I have the honour to invite all to MK Eskil's indoor track on April 17:


Again, time has come to dust off the veterans and give them that nice shine! On April 17, we will race until we drop with our veteran RC cars. Like previous years MK Eskil and their indoor track will host this event.

Date: Saturday, April 17
Time: 10-18
Place: MK Eskil Raceway in Eskilstuna. Click for directions. (http://www.mkeskil.se/?page_id=15)
Entrance Fee:Free for spectators, 50 SEK for participants and 50 SEK track fee

What is the Tamiya Meeting?
It is an RC car meeting for old cars were you can have a look at the old cars. Emphasis is on Tamiya cars, but all cars older than 15 years are welcome. That is regardless of type and condition. It is a perfect opportunity to have that old car of yours identified, find spares for it, or even sell it! You are more than welcome to display your cars and maybe you will win one of our prizes?

Arne (http://hem.passagen.se/rc_museum/) from Arne's Miniracing museum will be there with his vast collection of spare parts for all manufacturers imaginable. Drop him an e-mail if there is something special you want him to bring.

What if you do not own an old car or a Tamiya? -Welcome! Visitors are most welcome too!

What will happen?

A chance to test your knowledge of the RC history
Swap meet
Open track for all Tamiyas (regardless of age and all other manufacturers cars older than 15 years)
Crawling (with Tamiya based cars)
Convoy with Tamiya 1:14 tractor trucks
Tamiya F1 Racing

Note to participants:
Write your name and mobile number on a paper that you place on your table. If you have stuff for sale, write that too on the list. That way anybody who like to talk to you about a car you have can reach you even if you are not there at the moment.

Cars will be classed after performance into different heats. Speedrace is a simple five-lap-winner-takes-it-all race. The only rules are that the car has to be 15 years old, preferably older and that we do not allow brushless motors or the hottest brushed motor (8T or hotter). Silver cans and other historic gear is what we want to see, i.e. periodical cars.

Interested? Sign up when you arrive.

Tamiya F1
We end the day with Tamiya F1, which means you can race your Tamiya F1 in good company!

Burgers will be served and restaurants are plentiful nearby. The track will be open on Sunday too, if you want to stay the night at a hotel or hostel.

Andreas & Tomas
(Mouton (http://www.rsb.se/arena/private.php?do=newpm&u=3) and Tomas (http://www.rsb.se/arena/private.php?do=newpm&u=1998))