View Full Version : X-6 Squared.

06-04-2010, 09:55 PM
Have run my x-6^ now for 1 indoor season and just fancy a change to 4wd.

In all round great condition. Chassis has been dremelled to allow motor wires to run under the lipo as it looks neater. (See picture)

Has weights trimmed down to fit in the little slots on the front and under the lipo. (these are removable)

Never been run outdoors, and has been well maintained regardless of cost.

Comes with following:

K-Factory front carbon tower.
E-Speed hangers.
E-Speed motor brace.
Alloy front bulkhead.
Phat bodies Zen shell custom painted.
MIP gearbox primary gear shaft.
2 meeting old DMS complete bearing set
4 meeting old complete new diff.
4 meeting old yellow ball cups all round.
Azarashi ball dust covers all round.
Blue alloy steering components. (No servo saver)
RPM front chassis guard.

Also comes with following spares:

Bnip pair of rear lower wishbones
Bnip pair of rear wing mounts
Bnip front shock tower brace
81T spur gear.

Looking for 190 posted for the lot or am open to sensible offers and swaps with anything 4wd 1/10 related, e.g car, servo or x-5/xx4 stuff.