View Full Version : X2 OS V-SPEC ENGINES / TEAM MAGIC MEGA HAULER. Low price to clear!

02-05-2010, 08:49 PM
Hi. I have two used OS VSpec Engines to sell. Both have been used.
Both had been used for 1 1/2 seasons each. I had these a while ago, but have been sitting in their boxes since. Both have always been treated with after run oil when used.

These are actually two different versions of the Vspec;

One is standard. The head has seen better days. but this is only cosmetic.

Other is the Reworked Recab Version, -------> SOLD

I guess they would be good for bashing, or used for spares.

Only looking for 40 for each engine, posted. Please PM me for offers.


I also have a TM Mega Hauler Bag

As you can see, its quite clean.. i try to keep all my rc gear in good clean condtion, this is no different. Considering its been used for 1/8 racing.. its cosmetically in good condition.

The zips on either side of the main 'flap' have stopped working, when 'hauling' the bag around, its not so much a problem.. the boxes will stay in their compartments. I use the Velcro to secure the 'flap' down. You can see this in the picture below.

Its been used as my main hauler bag.. so there is a little wear as expected, but still functions perfectly fine as a 'hauler'.

Considering the retail price for a simlilar hauler is 122.99... I think 60 is reasonable? Please PM me for Offers
----------- HAULER SOLD ---------

Thanks for Looking!