View Full Version : Fav B44 for Sale

05-05-2010, 09:59 PM
Hi Guys

This will be in the for sale section later, but wanted to give the guys i race with first dibs.

Selling my B44 as i am concentrating my time and money on nitro.

Id prefer to sell it as one job lot, and im offering this for 280

B44 Buggy, run down faversham and once outside. Only thing to note is the plastic bumper at the front i have lost. But i have seen it around. If i cant find it then i will take off the cost of a new one from Ed or Mark.

Novak GTB 13.5 Brushless combo. The fan is missing 2 fins, and i have put some leccy tape over one of the battery wires to protect it from the fan when the shell is on.

Ace 1015 servo on the steering

Robitronic Lipo Saddle Packs, 4600mah, x 4 (2 packs, one set not pictured but included)

One set of well run in schumacher full spikes on rims
One set of barely scrubbed in full spikes on rims
One set of the original Holeshots

One spare set of front arms
Two spare sets of rear arms
One spare front bulkhead
One spare shock cap
One spare diff crown gear

Front spring set

Original plastic parts and tools from build.

Brand new shell, never run, painted in blue and pearl white.

If there is enough interest i will split, so PM me, but i would rather sell in one sale.