View Full Version : Info for DMS 2wd Regional tommorow

Darren Boyle
22-05-2010, 09:51 AM
Booking in for the 2wd Regional tommorow is now done, all alterations have been made and no more entries will be taken or altered until on the day now.

We have nine heats in total and 61 racers.

Doors will open at 8am in the morning, so please dont arrive silly early since you will only be parked up outside the gates waiting.

Hot and Cold food and drinks will be available on site all day, all the doors will be open for a lovely cool breeze and no-one will get sun burnt (LOL). Limited mains power is available, but please bring a 12 volt in a container just in case, and bring your own table and chairs as usual.

Track will open straight away for practise (no need to wait for the dew to dry up indoors!!) and will stay open until approx 9:30/9:45

A small drivers briefing will take place then onto our four rounds of qualifying (which will be by the FTD method) at 10am prompt (hopefully). We plan to run a round on the hour (or as close to as possible) with qualifying expected to finish at around 2:00/2:30pm.

We will have a 3 legged A final for the BRCA 2wd class, all other finals will be single leg. We are also running a demo micro class and if anyone wished to bring along their micro with them and race this too, the entry is FREE (limited to one heat though)

For those planning on attending today to help lay the track etc, we will arrive at approx 1:30pm and start on the track, the the rostrum is being delivered at approx 2:30pm and we will stay there until all is done.......... you are all welcome, the more the better.

Right, off to get my own stuff ready..................