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31-05-2010, 11:22 AM
Running 1/8 disciplines including buggy, truggy and (If enough turn up) MT class. If there aren't enough MT's for their own heats/final then they will go in with the Truggies.

Nitro and Electric 1/8 are welcome!

We now have some Astro sections laid and after hearing feedback on the quads, these have been changed to become 2 small tabletops instead. Many more improvements to come!

Now all smooth clay and astro surface!

Also, Adur will be running 1/10 again, with some Short Course racing. Other 1/10 are welcome but the track still needs some more work to be perfect for normal 1/10 buggy/truck ideally, but has been tested and great for short course at the moment. Last time the Short Course was very popular and overall we had a record turnout of racers in all disciplines!!

Last 2 rounds we had between 30-40 racers each time, fantastic!

Come along and have some fun!!


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