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10-04-2006, 09:36 PM
If you want to use a photo for any reason besides rc-club websites, personal use or news items on non-commercial websites - then you need to ask permission first. There is no exception to this.

If you want to use an image for any commercial purpose what so ever, you must ask for permission. Commercial purpose being the use of photos for promotion of products or services in any form or media. 'non commercial' websites we define personal websites either self-funded or advertiser funded but NOT providing any product or service.

News style items are a different matter and with a view to support the wider racing community we handle these differently.

Using limited and small photos (with watermark) to specifically link to an oople.com article in your web news.
Using limited and small photos (with watermark) as part of your own web news item, with links and copyright information directed toward oople.com

*limited meaning no more than three images, small meaning 350pixels wide or smaller (this is the size I use in race reports).
watermark - this can be left in from the oople watermark, or if not applicable or possible various options are available on the 'downloads' section of oople.com - including pasting this image onto the final news images from oople.com, this is a transparent GIF:

Above and beyond the above mentioned situations then permission must be sought for any and all commercial image use - but in most situations there needs to be a financial arrangement.

If you're simply interested in purchasing a licence to use any single/package of image(s) in a non-exclusive or exclusive manner, please contact us. We can supply high resolution versions of most images and can edit images to your needs for an additional fee in some situations, depending on current workload and charged on an hourly basis.

If you'd like oOple.com to cover your event - please get in contact to discuss terms and what you'd like from us, in exchange for your help with fully or partly covering costs.

The good stuff:
Want to use photos on your non-profit club website? ALWAYS HAS BEEN FREE AND YOU DON'T NEED TO ASK, please ask if you need the original images and we'll send them - all we ask is for a link and photo credit.
Want to use photos for your school homework, computer desktop, printed on a teatowel etc etc- always free - we can't individually respond and send images out to the public due to time limitations, but use of images on oople is always free for non-profit individuals and organisations no matter how large or small. Where possible we'll always and have always helped support the hobby in this way.