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25-07-2010, 05:53 PM
hey everyone . im from eastry near sandwich . and as this seems like the nearest club/track i thought i would introduce my self and maybe you guys could give me some info of how to join/get involved . so im 19 and just left college (looking for a job) . i have atm an XTM x-cellerator with a 35a ESC and a 9t brushless motor , i use 5000mah turnigy lipo's . its the only car i have atm but im looking to get into this hobby as i get a better income .

thankyou all

Jonathon :)

25-07-2010, 06:17 PM
Hi Jonathon,

Its always good to see new faces at the club and im sure you'll be warmly welcomed :), The cars you mentioned i think are 2wd trucks right? As much as these have become a hit at outdoor races we dont race them indoors on a wednesday evening lol,
We all tend to run 4wd tenth scale buggys and the motors are limited to 13.5 brushless or 27 turn brushed so your 9t will be too quick.
Take a look on the club website where Jon (Hairy Spider on here i think) has written a great guide for what you will need etc etc. and pretty explains everything :thumbsup: Take a look then come back with any questions on this thread where someone will answer :thumbsup:

Link to club website

http://www.forcc.co.uk/ < then click on club guide