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Body Paint
03-08-2010, 12:21 PM
As many people (including me) had not seen the following post by Hwyel as it was at the bottom of a closed thread I thought I would re-post the quote from him.

Just to clarify what he says. The 2010 Welsh Regionals (WRCA) will count 4 rounds from 7 events


with regard to the extra event added to the calender after we posted the original dates. this is a point scoring event as are all the other rounds

However in order NOT to disadvantage anyone who cannot or is unable to attend then under Rule 19.3 the scoring will be based on 50%plus 1 on the original calender of 6 events so you need to do 4 rounds to get your end of year points total in the championship.

hywel mills
Wrca chairman

[quote]19.3 At abandoned events where less than two rounds of qualifying have been completed, the event will be
declared null and void and no results declared. National events will not be re-scheduled and any relevant
championship qualification will be reduced accordingly (i.e. if there were 4 rounds to count from 6, then one
abandoned event would mean there are 3 rounds to count from 5, etc.).
Regional events can be rescheduled (subject to 6.5) at the discretion of the Regional Rep. If an event is
rescheduled to use a date not originally specified for any Class, then the number of events to count for the
Regional Championship in that Class will be reduced accordingly, to allow competitors to achieve the
minimum number of events using the original dates only.
If the normal Tie Deciding system of highest points does not achieve a result, then the highest Qualifying
position at the last event in the Series for the Class will be used to decide the tie.[/qoute]