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22-08-2007, 03:32 PM
Hi All,

Im just building an X10, last time I built a 1/10th scale was a Lazer ZX-R about 15 years ago so bit of a learning curve on this one again :-)

Anyway, Ive spent some time on the-pred.co.uk website and got some tips etc for during the build however I cant find any info yet on a few things that Im unsure on.


What weight of silicon grease to use on the ball diff and how much to use?
how much grease to use on the thrust races
what grease to use on the bevel gears

I built the diffs up last night with some grease that I had from 1/8th nitro and probably unsurprisingly they are creating a lot of friction in the drive train so may have to strip and regrease with a lighter grease (Im happy with the adjustments etc)

Next, the propshaft has got around 1.6mm end float which seems ok but the spur gets very close to the front of the recessed area that the bottom goes into - is this going to be an issue?

I shimmed the diffs and seems ok if a little tight even without shims on the drive side - guess it will wear in a little?

Probably be some more questions tomorrow after tonights build time :-)



22-08-2007, 05:55 PM
The grease is your choice but if you want a recomended product name...
I can recomend associated stealth diff lube for the diff (obviously) & black grease by the same company (or use stealth lube on both).
Another option is to use team Losi grease on everything.
As for the mesh of the diff gears try to find the tightest mesh that gives you the smallest amount of backlash (call this your benchmark setting), all this without grease on the gears, now add the thinnest shim you have in order to get rid of that small amount of backlash. your end result should be no backlashwith minimum drag.
Don't worry about the shaft or the spur moving that much. Mine move more and don't give me any issues. It's part of the design of the car. basically it's there to allow for chassis flex (if the car nose dives into the track surface, or diggs in, for example the chassis bends, now if the shaft had no free play built into it something would snap.
hope this helps.

24-08-2007, 12:27 PM
Just been and got some Associated silicon diff grease so will rebuild the diffs and use that all round (actually I may give it a couple of runs and then rebuild as they are working nicely but are just giving a bit more friction than Id like)

Its all built now (apart from a few bits that need bolting on as I ran out of screws in the kit) so guess I will find out now how tricky it is to get to the diffs after the build for maintenance etc..!
Really didnt have any other problems with the build, a bit of dremaling here and there (the front diff touched some moulding on the chassis) and the metal steering bar (the one thats shown as carbon in the manual) that goes through the chassis is catching a bit but hope this will free off a bit once in use as the only way I can see to get to that again is to take the main prop out again (so may do that when the diffs are out again!)
Seems very well made anyway lets hope it likes the track :-)

Now all I need is a decent servo (going to try and pickup a Ko 2123 on ebay) and Im off racing :-)