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If all organisers listed their venues, dates and event here, we would all have a good idea where to race over the winter - hey may even get a few more from 1/8th etc etc.

Would be good to also have info of how to book in and postals codes etc etc

Don't assume everyone knows .....

Cheers in advance.....

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Dates for the 2010/11 championship are as follows,

oct 3rd
nov 7th
dec 5th
jan 2nd
feb 6th

Broxtowes' christmas cracker 28th dec

All meetings 6 members 10 non members.
Book in and pay for all 5 championship meetings get one free!!

Address is:

Greasley Parish Hall
Dovecote Road
NG16 3EZ

Entry form available on here in the broxtowe section:

You tube video of one of last years rounds:

Please Note. No entries will be accepted by email or PM. Only by the official form. All entries by any other method may be disregarded. Plenty of time to get the form sent in before the first round!
Pre entry this year highly reccomended due to increased demand.

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The 2010/11 dates for the ever popular midlands astro masters series have now been finalised. The series is open to all abilities and regions and accomodates 2wd and 4wd electric buggies. This year we have an 8 round series, dates and venues for each event are as follows:

Oct 17th 2010 K'minster
Nov 14th 2010 K'minster
Nov 28th 2010 Coventry
Dec 12th 2010 Coventry
Feb 13th 2011 K'minster
Feb 27th 2011 Coventry
Mar 13th 2011 K'minster
Mar 27th 2011 Coventry

Entry method: You enter each event via the club reps directly, via email, with all necessary details of:- name, class, frequencies, BRCA no. and ability grade (1- novice, up to 10- expert). Payment given on the day and cost may vary dependant on venue, however it is likely to be around 4-5 per class.

Contact details available on www.brca-midwest.co.uk (http://www.brca-midwest.co.uk/).
Scoring: 4 from 8- Best 2 scores from EACH venue count towards final series standings.

Out of courtesy, please enter each event within reasonable notice, I.E. at least 4 days before the event. There will be an entry cap in place for the events as with the winter daylight hours, we cannot accomodate a large number of heats- 80 entries is an absolute maximum for each event across the 2 classes of 2wd and 4wd.

Booking in will open at about 8.30am at each event and there will be an open practice session for about 45mins at each event before qualifying begins by 10am. 4 rounds of qualifying and single leg finals for all.

There is no control tyre for any MAM events, however BB green minispikes work well at each track

06-09-2010, 04:22 PM
www.worksopraceway.com (http://www.worksopraceway.com)

Round 1 Sunday 10th October 2010
Round 2 Sunday 7th November 2010
Round 3 Sunday 9th January 2011
Round 4 Sunday 30th January 2011
Round 5 Sunday 20th February 2011
Round 6 Sunday 6th March 2011
Round 7 Sunday 27th March 2011
Masters Entry Form:

PLAYERS - THE GRUDGE-MATCH : 23/24 October (practice the evening of the 22nd
Players Entry Form: Soon To Be Release

www.robinhoodraceway.com (http://www.robinhoodraceway.com)

Racing every wednesday night (track now floodlit) practice 5.30-6.30, racing 6.30
Afternoon/day practice can be booked by arrangement using contact details on robinhoodraceway.com (http://www.robinhoodraceway.com)

Robin Hood Cup - 12th September http://www.oople.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52331

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If someone can help with upload I'm happy to create/maintain a master calendar showing everything in one table?

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On the basis of our successful winter series, EPR will once again be running a six-round winter series starting in October called the Winter Warmer. Running one meeting per month to avoid conflict with the other series' running in the south of the country, the EPR events will take place on the first weekend of every month from October through to March. Currently, there are no tyre rules in place but favourites are the Schumacher Yellow and Green Mini Spikes although we feel that the new Turf Ripper from Fastrax will also work very well. The dates are as follows:

3 October 2010
7 November 2010
5 December 2010
2 January 2011
6 February 2011
6 March 2011

There is no need to pre-book for these meetings - just turn up nice and early! The track will open from 8.30am for practice and then we will start racing at 10am with four qualifiers and a final for all. Classes to be run will be 2WD, 4WD and Short Course/Stadium Truck running separately. Due to the constraints of winter, we will try and get through the meeting as swiftly as we can although we will allow more track time between qualifying and the finals so that if people have travelled a long way, they can use the down time effectively.

www.edenparkraceway.com (http://www.edenparkraceway.com/)

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06-09-2010, 08:59 PM

Ultimate Series (Now includes buggies)
With the Ardent Raceway summer series attracting over 130 entrants over it's 6 rounds we are confident that the Winter Series will be EVEN BIGGER!!
This event and winners throughout the series will be promoted in RC and Autosport related magazines, on-line media and our dedicated series website for years to come
Make sure you take part in the fun!

Ultimate Prizes
You obtain a raffle ticket everytime you race. A raffle draw is then done at the end of the series. Prizes include: High speed passenger rides in the Kick Energy Rally Cars, free drinks, VIP access to the Kick Energy Rally Show at Chatsworth 2011, Hot air balloon rides (Weather Permitting).
Winners of all formulas get VIP tickets to the Kick Energy Rally Show at Chatsworth 2011.
Extra Raffle tickets for Fastest Laps, Winners, Best Marshals. Concourse Prizes and more!!

On-Road - See rules for formulas
Round 1 - October 17th
Round 2 - November 14th
Round 3 - December 5th
Round 4 - January 9th
Round 5 - February 13th
Round 6 - March 13th
(Top 4 to count towards Title win, format will be 3 qualifying and 2 finals.)

Off-Road - See rules for formulas
Round 1 - October 31st
Round 2 - November 28th
Round 3 - December 19th
Round 4 - February 27th
Round 5 - March 20th
(Top 3 to count towards Title win, format will be 3 qualyfying and 3 finals with your best 2 finals added together showing total number of laps over your best 600 seconds)

Electric 10th 4wd
Electric 10th 2wd
Electric Short Course
Electric Vintage (70s, 80s and 90s)

Note: We will also be holding a trophy collection race at the Kick energy Chatsworth Rally Show in 2011.

Winners of each formula will get to have a go at entering into the Guinness book of records for the longest RC car jump in front of 2000 spectators. (no pressure then :-)

Book in at www.ardentracing.com/winterseries

Special note for Off-Road drivers
For these 5 rounds/weekends we will be converting the Raceway into a 480sq.mtr off-road multisurface buggy track. We will paint a track layout on the wooden floor and mix in grit to give a bit of grip in areas, then lay a combination of astro turf and carpet with smooth wooden jumps to simulate jumps seen on outdoor tracks - all-in-all 4 different types of surface. The track will be available from 14:00 on the Saturday before each round for practice and will cost 5 for 4 hours and available until 22:00 on the Saturday evening.

06-09-2010, 10:51 PM
SMCC will be holding its Winter Series as usual; click here (http://www.stotfoldmcc.co.uk/club.series.php#winter_series) for more details. The postcode is SG7 5HU (click here (http://www.stotfoldmcc.co.uk/location.contact.php) for a map).

Round 1 - 17th Oct 2010
Round 2 - 21st Nov 2010
Round 3 - 19th Dec 2010
Round 4 - 20th Feb 2011
Round 5 - 20th Mar 2011

1/10 electric 2wd and 4wd (and trucks if numbers allow).

Pre-booking is not mandatory, but places are limited and we did have a number of full meetings last season. Click here (http://www.stotfoldmcc.co.uk/booking.php) to pre-book.

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West Bridgford Model Car club are proud to announce their two indoor race series. Brought to you in association with our series sponsors Schumacher and Custom blitz are the West Bridgford Model Car Club Indoor On Road Championships and the West Bridgford Model Car Club Indoor Off road championships.

Both of these series will be held on separate dates at our home club winter venue at the West Bridgford school, nottingham england. The features of this venue are:

35m X 16m Brand new Carpet track (560 sq Mtrs). One of the biggest carpet tracks in the country.
Latest BBK Timing system utilising Netscreen and live web updates. Race results to your pitting table.
Tuck shop serving snacks and refreshments
Half an hours drive away from M1 motorway.

We are running two series this year a brief synopsis of each championship follows:

West Bridgford Model Car Club 10/11 Indoor Off-road Championships

Dates: 17.10.10, 21.11.10, 12.12.10, 16.01.11, 13.02.11, 13.03.11

Sponsors: Schumacher, Custom Blitz.

Classes: 2wd Buggy, 4wd Buggy, 2wd Short course trucks, 4wd Short course trucks (If enough numbers)

Championship: 6 rounds - 4 to count. Points from both Qualifying and final position determine overall point score per round. Junior championship for each class.

End of season raffle: End of season raffle will be drawn at the last round. Each time you enter and race at a round you get a ticket put in the pot so the more rounds you race the more chance you have of winning a great prize, donated by our sponsors.

More information about this series can be found at:


West Bridgford Model Car Club 10/11 Indoor On-road Championships

Dates: 16.10.10, 20.11.10, 11.12.10, 15.01.11, 12.02.11, 12.03.11

Sponsors: Schumacher

Classes: 13.5 Stock, 17.5 Stock, Pro-stock, Minis

Championship: 6 rounds - 4 to count. Points from both Qualifying and final position determine overall point score per round. Junior championship for each class.

End of season raffle: End of season raffle will be drawn at the last round. Each time you enter and race at a round you get a ticket put in the pot so the more rounds you race the more chance you have of winning a great prize, donated by our sponsors.

More information about this series can be found at:


Booking in for both championships is open and can be found at http://www.rcracecontrol.com (http://www.rcracecontrol.com/)

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I have started a 1/10th offroad blog site which I would be happy for everyone to send dates into the site etc and put them in the Events section and also post any results sent, Tony knows me :thumbsup: and I am sure he will vouch for me. http://www.rcoffroad.net/10thnews is the site.

If everyone will send in events then I will start by adding the ones above but really need everyones help by wanting to do it