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09-11-2010, 10:19 AM
Only 35 Spaces left!!

BRCA TC Winter National 2011


BOOK IN HERE (http://www.centralbooking.org/cbs/index.php?option=com_cbs&task=cbs2events&opt=ve&eid=152)

Venue: Ardent Raceway
Date: 22nd / 23rd January 2011
Class: 10.5 Pro Stock Touring Cars to BRCA rules
Control Tyres: Team Sorex 28 JB Foam inserts XG-28JB £25.99 per set
Entry Limit: 102 drivers!!
Entry Fee: £20
Format: Race of Champions!

All 102 drivers have 3 rounds of FTD Qualifying. The top 32 drivers out of the 102 field will enter the Race of Champions class. The remaining 70 drivers will battle it out for bragging rights of Touring Car Clubman Champion!

Meeting Schedule (https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http://centralbooking.org/cbs/images/stories/files/WinterNats2011Timetable.pdf)

Tyres will be the popular indoor choice of the Sorex 28JB Foam Insert. This tyre is used at Ardent at their winter series and is excellent for wear and handling. These tyres have to be Ďrun-iní as they donít seem to work great on their first run, ideal control tyre! No limit on the amount of tyres as there is no advantage with running new ones!

Touring Car Race of Champions:
8 drivers in a race. Each driver will get 8 races against different opponents. 1 point is scored for 1st place, 2 points for second place and so on. Best 6 scores from 8 to decide the Champion of Champions! Tie-break on points goes to fastest final time!

Touring Car Clubman Champions:
5 rounds of Qualifying Round by Round with 3 results to count. 3 Leg finals for all drivers with best 2 finishes to count. Tie-break on points goes to qualifying position.

The track will have a new layout from Tuesday 18th January 2011 but will be closed to national drivers (if you are entered for this meeting only) on Friday 21st January 2011. The venue will be open on the Friday 21st as usual including the Derby Model Car Clubís club night in the evening.

This meeting will be quickly booked up and should provide a very competitive and friendly atmosphere. It will be run by the BRCA 10th Circuit Committee with Roger Cosgrove in Race Control and Kris Kennedy on the mic! Trophies will be awarded to top 3 in each final in the Clubmans Class and top 10 in the Race of Champions class. Trophies for top 3 Under 13 and top 3 Under 17 drivers.

There will be a special raffle with items donated by HPI Europe, Schumacher Racing, CML Distribution, MuchMore, RRCi and Moorespeed. Energy drinks maker Kick Energy will be on hand to provide some freebies and the trophy girls.

For more info on the Raceway click HERE (http://www.ardentracing.com)

BOOKING VIA CENTRAL BOOKING (http://www.centralbooking.org/cbs/index.php?option=com_cbs&task=cbs2events&opt=ve&eid=152)