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big dave
09-11-2010, 10:38 PM
ok then. the rules have been set for the endurance race. they are as follows.

swansea endurance masters.

This race will be run for 5 hours with a short break for dinner.

date has now been moved to the 12th of december 2010

1. Entry fee is set at 50.00 per team. The entry fee will include two Etronix 19t brushed motor's. these also are the control motor and only these motors supplied will be alloud at the event. Extra motors and brushes will be available at the event at cost.

2. Each team can use any commercial availble 4wd 1/10th electric chassis. in the event that the actual chassis brakes then only the required parts can be changed, no "back up vechicles can be used". any breakages must be repaired in the pits.

3. batterys, speed controllers and tyres will be open to the teams. the only rules on this equipment is, any teams using lipo batterys must run a lipo cut off for saftey and a suitable charge bag.

4. Teams need to be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 per team.

5. The maximum number of teams will be 12. This will be the first 12 teams to submitted and paid in full by the 5th of december.

6. The race will be start lamans style. The two supplied motors for each team will be lined up on the rostrum, each team will supply a "runner". the runner will carmly :D make there way to the motors and retrive them back to the pits for there team to fit to the car and make the start of the race.

7. Each team must supply a marshall. the marshall can be changed every 30 mins.

8. Every 30 mins the race will be slowed down with a pace car for 2 laps while marshalls are changed. (this is fun thing but it is also a saftey requirment). also any cars that gain places while the saftey car is out will be given a stop go penalty.

9. Team members are the pepole on the team. that includes drivers and pit crew. so basically you cannot have 5 drivers and then pit crew or helpers. every person who helps the team in anyway is one of the 5 team members, and have to be named and given in to race control before the closing date of the event.

There will be tropthys for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. also there will be prizes for various achivements. ie, first car over the line. fastest lap.

on the fun side, we would like everyone to bring a plate of sarnies, or any other foods or drinks, as we can have a break mid day.

Booking in for the event is now open. please send your email entry to swanseabookingin@hotmail.co.uk please send your team name and the name of your team members.

dont forget we can only take the first 12 teams.

big dave
19-11-2010, 10:19 AM
We have had some intrest in using 10th 2wd chassis's so we are going to open the event up to allow the use of 10th 4wd and 2wd chassis.