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29-11-2010, 01:45 PM
Hi all,

Did some racing on an Ice rink years ago, and the current climate reminds me of it. I was using a 4wd buggy at the time, but modern touring cars would be better I reckon.

The tyres that were used has pop rivets - like the ones you find on the pockets of levi jeans. Traction was crap, but the racing was awesome!
Very Andros-Trophy-esque.

Would need to find some way of polishing the ice on the concrete yard at the Naul...... or maybe not :drool:

29-11-2010, 06:21 PM
Years ago myself and a few friends made some ice tyres for our tc's.

We took an old firmish slick tyre and got drawing pins, belted the tyres with tape stuck the tacks through then taped the back of them and used a hard insert. Then took a dremel and cut all the spikes down to about 2-3mm high each.

They where quite fun to drive on, very slidey but you had a bit of forward traction at least. We only messed about in a driveway with a few of us didnt actually do any racing. I recon it would be awesome to get a bit of nice smooth ice and hold a meeting racing on it. Don't fancy marshalling cars on ice with metal spike tyres though :D

As another note, doing doughnuts in a quad on ice polishes it quite well :woot: