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Tractor Boy
16-12-2010, 03:04 PM
Where do i start about last night well what about the amount of drivers that showed up to take part. I thought we might get around the 30ish mark but nearly 60 amazing.

God we had some fun and the cheating was right up there to the standard we have come acustom to at the christmas meetings, not sure where my team came overall but i did have all the kids in my team not that this is a problem it,s just they have not learnt to cheat as well as the big people at the club yet regards christmas meetings.

Wasn't it great to see so many young ones there last night i think we had over 20 under the age of 19 taking part.

Well done to the ladies who done the food last night what a spread and i had to laugh just as i trying to get you lot out for the start of the endurance my wife called out that the food was ready' i have never seen 60 drivers disappear so quick into the kitchen.

Was it me or was there a buzz about the place last night which was great to feel from my point of view and well done to all that have paid up there memberships already looks like we are heading for are largest uptake ever on that front, bring on 2011 i say we have so much to look forward to as a club what with the outside track and all the other events we take part in.

So i will finish buy saying see you on sunday for the next round of our winter series but if you are noy there have a great christmas and see you in the new year.

Kind regards Alan

16-12-2010, 03:22 PM
Half day Alan? Or did rain stop play?

Indeed it was a good night and an additional thanks to all those that supplied prizes for the raffle. I'm more than happy with my bottle of scotch but I reckon Mr Headling will have the biggest smile!

See you all Sunday (though I may be half asleep from racing in Essex on Saturday night!)

Team No Idea
16-12-2010, 03:28 PM
Bummer, sorry i couldn't make it guys, sounds like it was alot of fun!... i'll be there sunday though...i can't wait!!:woot:

16-12-2010, 03:40 PM
Yes I got rather lucky on the raffle! Thanks to Xtreme RC for the prizes, I was complaining may car wasnt that quick and I needed to buy a Xtreme Stock spec ESC and then 10 mins later I go and win in the raffle! What a result! :thumbsup:

Thanks so much to the club and members for last night, brilliant night and atmosphere! Best club I have ever raced at :)

Race Report to follow..............

Team No Idea
16-12-2010, 04:00 PM
ooo race report?!?!?!?!?! wicked!

16-12-2010, 04:23 PM
Faversham Xmas Meeeting Race Report: :woot:

So it was that time of year again when out comes the Xmas CD's, the food and drinks are flowing and the Faversham Xmas meeting kicked off in fine style!

Over 60 drivers attended the meeting and everyone went home with a smile on their faces and a belly fool of party food, good job FORCC and the wives/cooks! :thumbsup:

After some pracice time on the track it was time for our leader and general top bloke Alan to get the meeting underway with a drivers breifing.

Alan explained the nights format and then went onto a few thank you's.

First up it was Jodie, she does an ace job of booking us horrible lot in each week, taking the money, doing the heat listings and putting all the drivers in the computor, and she manages to go to school and do her homework! So many thanks to Jodie and the club bought her come nice Lacoste perfum, I'm sure the boys will love it! :blush:

We then had a big shout out to the cooks in the kitchen who fed the hungry racers, there was a lovely spread put out for everyone, many thanks to all involved!

Alan moved onto the 50/50 champion, this is a new format John drew up for our club championship, it was all about being there over the 50 races and scoring the points ( I think this is how it worked?!), this meant it wasn't just the real quick lads that win the trophy all the time but meant it was open to other's and benefitted the guys that turned up to support the club week in week out and put in good runs each week to rack up the points.

Drum roll please!

The winner of the 2010 50/50 Championship was Elliot Hogben :woot:

A pic of the proud champion!


We then moved onto the racing!

We were split into 4 teams and did a hour endurance race, as Alan mentions there was some good driving and some good sneaky cheating going on, there was even a few SC trucks sneaking onto the track causing mayhem but fun was had by all!

The teams were:

Team 1 Warriors:
Dave Andrews,Neil TRF Gavin,Scott Dickinson,Lewis Predator Dickinson,Ollie Tames,John SC10 Peters,Steve Fry, Jamie Pickles,C.Wood,P.Fairhall,S.Fairhall,M.Rose,D.Miln e

Team 2 Warriors:
Will X11 Johnson,Tom TRF Bate, Gordon Nicholson,Andy HB Bate,M.Coleman,W.Mount,S.Wilkinson, M.Vincent,Cam Jenner,Chad Jenner,A.Matthews,A.Forth

Team 3 Warriors:
Alan 'Danger' Moon, J.Moon,K Moon,Ollie Crew,P.Crew,D.Crew (racing familys or what!) C.Mcintyre,C.Mills,B.Crease,M.Revell,S.Milne,L.Att ubato,W.Sullivan

Team 4 Warriors:
Elliot 50/50 Hogben, M.Hogben,John Anderson (not from the matrix!) Ed Xtreme/Losi Kerry,Stu FS2 Rand, Lee Xtreme Drake,Mark Headling,Cris Fuggle,Mark SMD Bailey,M.Rolerst,J.Punton, Chris smashing preds Goldsmith, Andy Ashman

So it was all to play for in the 1 hour race, Team 1 got a good early lead chased by Team 4, Team 1 then bought out the Xmas decorated SC10's and caused mayhem! This bought Team 3 into play, the young guns showing how it was done!
At the 45 min mark Team 3 had a 14 lap lead, but Team 4 then bought out the bug guns for the final stint! Elliot, Stu Rand and Ed Kerry! Those 3 warriors danced their buggys around the track to get back into the lead and take the win with a gap over over 14 laps! Well done to all!

People carried on chowing down on the delights in the kitchen and we then moved onto the FORCC raffle, thanks to Xtreme RC in Deal for some ace prizes, esc, motors, tools etc etc and to all the other club members for the choc,booze etc, pretty much everyone walked away with a prize, some people were extra happy with their prizes:


Then it moved onto the Tag Team race!

This involved 2 drivers from each driving a lap each relay race style for 8 mins,This was great fun and saw some very exiting racing and dodgy over taking moves gallore.
It was fun watching the cars waiting to go on the start line as there was alot of bashing and crashing going on to get that nice line up the main jump!

A win got 25 points for your team, after most of the drivers in each team had a head to head the points were all added up and coming out on top again were Team 4 again! :thumbsup:

Nothing to do with the National drivers we had on our team honest!

Some pics of the night:






A big man or little chair, you decide!


Mr Ed Kerry brining it home for Team 4! :thumbsup:

After a quick clean up session and the track put away that was it!

Thanks to the club and all involved for an Ace night! Well done to all the winners!

For more info on the club please visit www.forcc.co.uk (http://www.forcc.co.uk) and we hope to see you there soon for some of the action!

16-12-2010, 04:37 PM
A fun evening!
Thanks to everyone who organised the evening and to the Ladies in the kitchen for the food.
Kyle, am I forgiven for slamming you into the stage?
If only I meant it, I could take your Dad out, without feeling guilty.
Let me know how much your repair is, I'll pay for it.
Wot a crash bang wollop, though:o:lol::eh?: