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06-01-2011, 08:26 AM
Now doesn't that feel better? Back into the swing of things wth a busy night of 8 heats.

So tell me chaps - this is your forum and I'm only a moderator - how do we get around this problem of the same old faces each week being left to tidy up?

Yes I can hear the groans already but I hoped that with a New Year we could have a fresh start. Elliott was the ONLY driver from the final heat last night clearing away. Where were rest of you from that heat, or do you deem it to be a task below you?

Whenever this subject comes up we get a little flourish for a week or 2 of dragging ropes etc to the edge of the stage, and then slowly that dies off. It takes 2 minutes to pack your gear away AFTER the track has been cleared - and it's not just a case of dragging it to the edge of the stage either - it needs to be put away (obviously).

I would have thought after Alan's comments the other week people would have taken notice! Fair enough if you've helped get the track out then I guess that sort of makes you exempt from putting away.

So - lets have some input on this - with a potential 14 to 16 drivers from the final 2 heats of the night each week, why can a majority of you not be bothered to do your bit? What makes you so special? And will you be the most vocal when those that have been doing the hard work get fed up with the lack of cooperation and refuse to do it any more?

I'll just add that plans are afoot to start rotating the heats more. But do we really have to start considering deducting points to penalise those that can't do anything for their club, despite all that the club does for them?

Over to you guys........

07-01-2011, 11:03 PM
hey dave

I agree all club members in the last two heats should clear up and i agree the heats should be rotated excluding the beginners heat as for taking points away i think that would be a pointless exercise for the reason the championship doesn't mean anything as there is nothing to win.