View Full Version : New Race Series

10-01-2011, 10:59 PM
At HRCC in ware in hertfordshire, starting this friday the 14th jan 2011, we are starting a new race series for mardaves known as THE BANG TIDY DAVE series. the rules are very simple. run wot you want in your dave! but we would like to keep it level in the power plant department. if you can turn your power down on you bl system please do, as we will be running 4 cell 540 against 2s lipo and bl.
the idea is fun racing at an affordable level for all. not to many rules, just a gentlemans agreement to keep it level. we dont want to alienate anybody, we just want some fun racing. please come down and join in the fun.
see ya friday!:woot::woot::woot: