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27-01-2011, 08:58 AM

FOR SALE is my factory team b4,

It was bought last year and only be used for last years regional's. It has been very well looked after.
The car has had full strip down and rebuild and not been used since
(many parts replaced, only as scratched, I.E rear shock tower, wishbones and rear wing)

The car has had lots of money spent on with hot up parts.

1) lunsford titanium turnbuckle's.
2) blue alloy front knuckle arms.
3) blue alloy front lower plate(to which front wishbones attach)
4) RPM front bumper
5) air bushed shell (also brand new rear wing fitted)
6) titanium screw set fitted to all of car.
7) alloy ball-raced steering arms.
8) blue alloy rear bulk head/ chassis brace.
9) MIP drive-shafts.
10) alloy rear lower plate.(to which rear wishbones attach)
11) battery strap alloy thumb screws.

also have lots of spare parts with it.

1) spare chassis
2) MIP driveshaft rebuild kit.( new in packet)
3) rear shocked tower
4) rear hubs x2 (brand new unused)
5) rear chassis brace (brand new unused part no 95650)
6) front bumper
7) left front knuckle arm.
8) 3/16 x4 ball bearings (wheels)
9) x2 rear wishbones
10) x4 front wish bones ( x2 unused)
11) x2 associated driveshafts.
12) rear lower plate.
13) spare rear wing + x1 new wing mount.
14) gear cover.
15) rear motor plate.
16) spare diff and thrust race balls and screw kit inc spring.
17) shock mounting bushes and plastic nuts.

I am after offers around the 120 posted mark. If your interested or have any questions feel free to PM me. :)
(having problems uploading photos. can email more out if you PM me your email address) many thanks.