View Full Version : yay a b4!.... what do i do first?

18-11-2007, 11:47 AM
hey guys, i just recently bought a used b4 buggy with a ss5800 novak brushless system and a jr xr3i controller..

I also bought 6 sets of used spare tires (only partially used, 2 of the sets were only run once or twice) (i bought because of the bargain :])

i also bought a used battery (4200 mAh, NiMh) used.. but supposedly in good condition (again bought because of the bargain)

i'm still waiting for the arrival of these items (oh and a battery charger.. which i hope to get a bargain on tomorrow... meh)

my question is.. what is the best thing to do first? because it is a used car it has already been put together and has been run, but what sort of things should i make sure before running? and what would be best to do to the battery and motor?

i'm sorry if i am asking dumb questions, or if they are obvious or worded incorrectly.. :confused:

i am rather new at all this...( as some of you may already know because you may have seen my post earlier in the general car talk about what car to purchase heh)

any advise is appreciated (even if i didn't ask for me, i'm sure i could use it :-p:wtf::confused:)

18-11-2007, 01:03 PM
first thing to do is read up on battery care
just lately there have been a few incidents of battery explosion!

if you get that right from the start you should be OK as pretty much everything else is just common sense ;)

18-11-2007, 07:33 PM
If it were me, Id pull the gearbox down, rebuild her, starting with the diff.

Then the shocks.

Then go over the entire car and tweak every screw.

Then, I would build a ramp........to see how she flies...


18-11-2007, 08:18 PM
thanks showtime, i've heard a bit about batery care, but i'll be sure to review what i need to know (i would the for my battery to explode within the first few days!:wtf::o)

i'll be sure to make a ramp Metla <_< thanks :-p

i bought it new so I'm not sure if it comes with a manual or not, do you know where i could find that sort of information online? (the "how to" to dissemble and more importantly reassemble the gearbox/shocks. etc.)


18-11-2007, 08:37 PM
if its bought new they usually do although once u've done it once its almost second nature. i think the info is online aswell!!