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08-03-2011, 09:50 PM
Is not fitting ARB's to a buggy (or anything) a bit like ditching independant suspension ?

I've just finished fitting them to my TT EB4-S2 & it struck me that now both rear/front arms move only 'as a pair' it seems similar to making the move from, say i real car, one of which has IRS & one which doesn't (ie, a live axle).

I know i'm wrong in what i'm saying, lol, but it seems now if i want to maintain maximum traction on a bumpy surface with my buggy then instead of one side only being able to adjust it's height to negotiate a bump the other side will now also follow, where i may get more traction on that side if it didn't, if you get what i'm getting at ie, i now have 2 front wheels which only go up & down as a pair & two rear wheels which only go up & down as a pair ??

I obviously understand the cornering benefits by keeping the chassis nice & flat but can't get my head around the effect/benefit in a straight line, on a bumpy track. Seems like they're only of any use on a road/race car/rc car on a flat track where the vehicle doesn't really experience bumps which effect one side only ??

Anyone wanna explain the answer to me as supremely simple as i've explained the question, lol ??

08-03-2011, 11:03 PM
ok, i'm Mr thicky.

Just realised that the ARB is a torsion bar (d'oh), i guess meaning that one side can move independently via the bar twisting if enough sudden load is placed of that side.

I think part of my confusion whilst playing around with the movements on my 1:8 buggy is that

a) It's a 2.8mm dia ARB bar so it's relatively thick (??)
b) I don't yet have the wheels mounted or the engine etc back in which presumably will increase the ability/willingness for the bar to twist whilst driving more so than me working the suspension by hand on a car stand.
c) I've also got the drop links set a little way from the ends of the bar thus decreasing it's ability to twist.

...there, see, i've answered my own question :p