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17-05-2011, 06:08 PM
This is my first sale on oople so firstly I'll say that I take my RC seriously and don't have the money of time to mistreat my "toys" so everything is looked after and serviced as it should be - I have cars for bashing and messing around with and this is not one of them.

As I have no feedback on here best I can do is link my ebay (http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/blu_honey) feedback and say that I'm sure most of the guys at Adur offroad will vouch for what I say being accurate.

I'm selling up all my TC gear as I never really took to it - I have too little time and want to focus on offroad so this package was well researched before I bought it but never really used.


Pics can be found here... (http://www.bluehoney.net/images/mi4/)

Firstly the car:
Mi4LP Rolling Chassis, many upgrades including slim hexes, twin point steering, flipped diffs, carbon battery holder etc.. too many to mention and I'm sure the more experienced people than me can spot whats been done better than I - was bought from a top of club racer and still has his setup and upgrades, everything is still tight and as the pics show the chassis has plenty of life left.

Now the Spares:

HUGE number of new/used spares in the plastic boxes, everything replaced before much wear and some still new but taken from packets. Please see the pics to understand quite how much stuff is there, all are replacements for parts that are likely to wear or break and as I understand it also includes some parts now becoming rare like the litemodz CVD's and some of the spools and a lot of upgrade parts along with huge numbers of wishbones, CVD's, spools, adjustment parts etc. Again see the pics to appreciate.

2 prototype + 1 spare chassis, all with plenty of life left & based off the Mi4LP chassis.. came as part of a package i bought from our local sponsored racer.

NiP Spares (a couple have 1-2 parts that have been removed and will be found in the boxes above):

U613 Spring Stop & Spacer Moulding x3
U3157 Roll Bar Set Rear x2
U2728 Roll Bars, Front & Rear
U2637 Speed Pack - Hex M3x16+200mm Csk x4
U3501 C/F Steering Arm & Mount
U3530 Steering Yokes; 4deg Xtra Flex
U1140 Pivot Pin; grooved 25mm x 1/8"
U2990 Front Hub Carrier
U3521 Trans Link Tuning Set
U3529 Pinion; Hard Allow 48dp - 29t
U1551 Speedpack - "E" Clips (2x8) x2
U3011 Front Belt 171T x 3.6mm x2
U3569 C/F Lipo Locator Micro
U3154 Foam Bumper
U3718 Pivot Pin; grooved 18mm x 1/8"
U3748 Steering Yoke; Med Flex 4deg
U3435 Pinion; Hard Alloy 48dp - 35T
U3527 C/F Upper Link Mount 42mm 2gr
U2992 Rear Hub Carrier
U3019 Ceramic Nitride Diff Balls 2.5mm
U3550 Wishbones Short Graphite Rear
U3549 Wishbones Short Graphite Front
U3524 Speed Pack-M4x8 Csk Hi Tensile
U3270 106T 64DP CNC Spur Gear
U2480 Body Posts & R Clips
U3159 Alloy Body Block Vertical Mount
U2664 Yoke Pivot Set
U1954 Pro - Thrust Bearing
U3435 Pinion; Hard Alloy 48dp - 34T
T7520 Silicone Shock Oil 35w
Wasp Precision Ball Driver 1/16"
Core CR018 Ti Ball Studs - Ultra Short
Litemods LM39642 Competition Spool Replacement Cups

4 sets of used but with life wheels and tyres, including some Sorex 28's & 32's.

Plus a pro painted body with some life it in still + some schumacher gauges I believe is a ride height gauge but never actually used it so dunno...

Currently NOT willing to split.

Looking for 350 posted, Paypal gift or buyer pays fees.

If someone is looking for a complete setup I have a Nosram Matrix speedo & Novak Velociti 13.5 & 4.5t motor's plus a nearly new IP 6000mah 50c lipo I can throw in for another 100, would just have to add radio gear.

Thanks for looking!