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08-07-2011, 11:51 AM
Hi All,

Was wandering what everyone thought on approaching the model shop in the middle of Southampton (modelzone) and asking if it would be possible to put a DVD Player showing BRCA events and other international events on a loop and information about the clubs location and contact information. The shop stands to benefit as they may sell extra kits out of it and the club stands to benefit by attracting new members. Although 1/10th off road is not a big section, they do still sell it there, so I cannot think of a reason why they would object if the club would foot the bill for a portable DVD player. The location of the shop is great, and must clearly get a lot of foot fall. Anyway there is no harm in asking. What does anyone else think of this?

Dan Pickard.

super gripper
15-07-2011, 02:06 PM
I have approched the manager at the Basingstoke modelzone ages ago, they are happy to put flyers on the counter for the club as it will help them sell stuff.

plus I was informed of a scheme they do to help out local clubs

plus they would put a promotional poster in the window !

I past this info on to the club, again ages ago !
Nothing has been done about it as far as I know.

15-07-2011, 03:13 PM
Hi Lee

After you spoke to me, the committee did design (with a lot of help from Al and John) and have printed leaflets publicising the summer series and the club generally.

I then spent time contacting local model shops and then either posting them leaflets or drove around delivering them where I felt it would be of more benefit to speak to the shops themselves.

As far as Modelzone is concerned, when we spoke my understanding from you was that the manager for the Basingstoke store was also the manager for the Southampton store. When I spoke to the manager of the Southampton store it appears that was not the case but he did agree to put some leaflets out on the shelves with the RC car stuff. He knew nothing about a discount scheme for local clubs.

The club is now regularly getting enough for 4/5 heats for a mornings racing and the all day events have averaged around 45 drivers. I think this is a huge improvement on 18 months ago when there might only be 5 racers in total but it does not happen by accident or inactivity.


15-07-2011, 03:34 PM

Sorry, I did not respond to your suggestion.

I do remember from years back seeing similar things put on by modelshops that were usually videos of old tamiya cars looking really cool stuff, driving over beaches and through big puddles and stuff.

As far as approaching the store, you are welcome to speak to them and see what they think. They will obviously want to weigh up the potential sales against the lost shelf space. Might be a bit of a catch 22 as they would probably want to see the type of thing you are talking about and you would not want to produce a DVD unless you were sure they would use it.

As far as producing the DVD is concerned, I have no expertise in this area but presumably putting the stuff together and editing together must be a PC job?? Also need to consider copyright on anything you use.

First job is probably to see what the modelshop says and then let the committee know - as you say, portable DVD players are pretty cheap.



super gripper
15-07-2011, 08:51 PM
well glad things panned out the but I think its more to do with the new track and oople

the club has seen an increase in members and with other clubs springing up around the area has brought in the drivers

as for modelzone I was obviously told porky's

Fast Eddie
15-07-2011, 09:16 PM
Hi guys

I have never been to your club but am doing a road trip next year so you never know:thumbsup:

This has to work for the retailer primarily as he is the one with the probably "tough at the moment" retail business. This said, any ideas from both sides should be welcome. Try and suggest an area in his shop that is not retail space but people can see the vid. Does he race at the club? Offer him membership or something so you can interact.

Just my humble thoughts:lol:


16-07-2011, 08:46 AM
Just for the purpose of feedback (maybe you should ask all attendees where they heard about it), it was simply via searching for clubs in the class of 1/10th off road that I found your website, and the website itself was what enticed me in... The track looks great, and the website is neatly arranged...and makes sense....(it was partially seeing a track and club of quality in the area, that was enough for me to decide I would like to get back into it)...

So I will be down to have a look around tomorrow, weather permitting, for the 1st time...

so who ever did the website... a pat on your back....:thumbsup:

31-08-2011, 06:08 PM
Just was thinking about what the Dudley club used to do for events and promotion, and thought i would mention it, it does involve a fair amount of work, but it can create a excellent days racing...

The Dudley RCCC club used to race at a school, which was fine for club nights, however when it was hosting a regional event, it used to use a council property called Himley Hall, which had huge grounds, that locals used to visit to walk dogs etc... this would be a fairly calm event....

However the clever bit was that they tried to get to use the grounds at the same time as the Dudley show which attracted tens of thousands of punters, all who would come and see the RC car racing, which was as said always a good turn out of drivers. This meant that maximum exposure was gained.... we got to race on a nice fresh surface (different to the club track), and got to camp and have a beer into the bargain.....

Now when i look at the number of events on Southsea common, and the quality of the ground (very short grass/well packed soil/clay), it is ideal whilst an event is being held, if you want local publicity. I should imagine the council would like to attract things other than horse and kite shows...

Obviously this requires fencing, hose, generators, and willing ppl to cart it down etc....

Anyway, if it has not been thought of before then there you go... if it has then nothing harmed in suggesting it....