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17-07-2011, 05:06 PM

Sorry haven't been back this year as family and big boat sailing are taking most of my time since the new year. I take it you're all racing in Lucan again this year.

I finished restoring the T4 I bought and my son just loves it - it fits what he uses it for much better then the B44. I haven't used my B4 since last year either...

Anyway I have a B44 complete (rolling chassis & body) for sale if you have any new people who might be interested - it is if you remember in very good condition with underbody, quite a few wheels/tyres, airtronics 94357 with new unpainted body shell - vampire Racing 40C 4400mah Lipo batteries and 10.5 motor can't remember the exact model but little use.

Before I advertise on the for sale section I'd rather sale it to someone in Ireland from the Lucan club or others. I could bring it one sunday am to show to potential interested buyers. Not too sure how to price it yet so if you have any idea what I should ask for it ?

Don't know yet if I'll be able to come down to use the B4 this year as I have to spend more time with the family but who knows !!!