View Full Version : Wobbly slipper / spur on Blast

17-07-2011, 06:34 PM
I've been racing my S10 Blast at York since last September and it's suddenly developed a problem with the spur/slipper assembly. At one point in every revolution it sticks a little. It's easy enough, even by hand, to get over this point but I think it means the spur isn't sitting properly. I've had it all apart and have reassembled but it still binds a little.

Has anyone else had this issue?

17-07-2011, 08:30 PM
is the shaft that runs through the spur straight?
ive noticed mine is bent and ive put htis down to the way the chassis is allowed to flex because of the it way it is designed- the chassis should be one piece imo

20-07-2011, 05:04 PM
When we built/stripped ours at the mag, the slipper pads weren't located properly when built in the factory. Worth checking. Just a case of stripping the slipper down. :)

22-07-2011, 11:10 AM
I have been trying to nail it down and think the problem lies elsewhere. I've been away from home but tonight will be working through the whole transmission 'chain'. It might even be a driveshaft binding.

Is anyone else racing the Blast?