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23-08-2011, 12:31 AM
Notts & derby winter series dates;

2nd october

20th november

2012 dates;

15th january

19th february

18th march

5 rounds with 4 to count

07-09-2011, 01:55 PM
With RCdisco sponsoring the event, there will be some great prizes to get, so get in it to win one.

First place for the Buggies is a xray 2011 808e and loads of other prices to make a great winter series.


28-09-2011, 06:44 PM
The track is spot on for this weekend lads and lasses http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/laugh[1].gif

The gates will be open at 9am Saturday Morning till 5pm for practice

Camping as normal, but please bring some sun cream as its been red hot today up at the track and Andy has got burnt today, http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/thumbsdownsmileyanim[1].gif

The track has had a few new sections put in it, making it close to a 40 seconds lap. http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

Sunday the track will be open from 7am

Booking in from 7.30am to 8.30am

Drivers briefing 8.45am

Racing starts at 9am

Hope to see you all this Weekend, and don't forget we have got a full canteen and proper toilets even for the better halves. http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif


http://www.ndor.co.uk/entryform.html (http://www.ndor.co.uk/entryform.html)

02-10-2011, 07:35 PM
Thanks to all The Team at NDOR for the great start to the winter series also a big thanks goes out to all the drivers that supported us today well done to you all

A big thanks goes out to Alex once again for running the timming and being race director for the day. Yet again a excellent well ran meeting so on behalf of all the drivers thankyou to Alex.

I can honestly say it is one of the best and closest race meeting i have been to for a long time the truggys were absouloutley fanatstic your driving etiquette was outstaning and a real pleasure to be part of the class today

Roll on the next round of the winter series so much looking forward to it

Thanks goes out to to all the revellers who came out on Saturday night that was also very enjoyable,sociable and great way to start this series http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/w00t[1].gif

Podium RC for the help and encouragement you have given me today thanks to you all who worked endless all day on being my pit monkeys

Hopefully better luck for myself in the finals at round 2

Also thanks to Mallet and Dave Brown who worked endless on my truggy on Saturday night for me to get it how it handled today

04-10-2011, 07:08 PM
Here is the race report prepped and written by the man himself Mallet of the first round of the NDOR Winter Series

What a great weekend, Fine weather, fine friends and fine racing, who could ask for more. http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

It was a great weekend with great racing and you drivers are top class, you all now know when to give way in the heats to faster cars, as you now realise that you are not racing them you are racing the clock. The racing is in the finals not the heats.

Whats going off....... No pile ups in the first few corners!!! I could not believe how you lot have matured into proper racers. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

The Truggy Final. Well well well, what can I say...... No pile up in the first corners. Whats going on with you lot, its not like the truggy finals of old where the flag man need to be the bravest man or stupidest man at the club to stand at a start.

The start line
Robert 'got' Wood on pole
Kev 'Steelie' Davies yes he's back lads and standing proud
John 'Esco' Taylor
Steve 'Bellend' Bellwood heehehe
And Mandy 'Savagemachine can get you anything' Scott was flying at the rear (I should have not put it that way lol)

The race was on, everyone was going around in race order. That was good for me as I knew where everyone was. I could then let everyone settle in and then I would get one the mic and have a play with Bellwood, when you see him you will understand why. He is so funny, the guys who know him will say the same. As soon as I saw him roll it I was on him "Belly Bellwood Mandy is catching you!" he was over again and Mandy was catching him. It's so funny when you here Steve nearly pee himself on the rostrum. Then next minute Mandy is huffing and puffing. She has done something to the truck, then she runs off the rostrum and then back again and she was off around the track again. She'd got a bee in her box as she was putting some good times in and driving well until she thought I said I'll tune your engine for you and took off I would say the highest I've seen so I could tune it in mid air off of the rostrum and landed with a thud and that was it she had broken a centre drive shaft.

John 'Esco' Taylor he was another one that kept under the radar until I saw him do a few things and then I would let him have it. http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/laugh[1].gif

Steelie was driving the best I've seen him, no dramas until lap 20 and he was out. Then he came back for a few laps and that was it he was out of it.

Rob did a splendid drive. He had lapped the whole field within 6 minutes and nearly half way through I told Denz that we would be able to pull Rob off of the track with 2 minutes left in the race and he would win it with 14 minutes to spare. Then two thirds of the way in Rob was out. What was wrong? People all around and he was still not on the track, nearly 2 minutes and he was still there. That was it I was down as fast as I could go and sorted his engine out, as it had moved into the spur gear and locked up. He was back on with only loosing four and a half minutes he was back on the track now in second place and then he was off like a shot to get the win

Every final was a pleasure to watch. They all had good close racing throughout and no-one was taking each other out in every corner. And the rush for the last bump up spots were great the see. Pit stops were all in contention, the longer you was in there filling up lost you places.

The C final saw young Alex Concannon bump up to the B final. He was just running around at his own pace trying to keep out of the way of everyone and when I saw where he was in the last few minutes, I hoped that he was not going to have any problems and he came over the line in first and in a bump up stop as well. http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif You should have seen his smile on his face when I said "yes its right you've bumped up"

It didn't quite work out for him in the B final. His car kept cutting, but he was still smiling. There was a lot of shouting going off in the B final to get the young lad Robert (Ed Munster) Coatsworth to bump up to the A final.

The A final saw Greg Hill (RCDisco) take top honours on the starting grid. Followed by
Jamie Booth (S-M-D)
Van (De Electric Man) Johnson
(a a) Arron Girling
Steve (Conky) Concannon
Scott (la-rock) Francis
Matt Bridge
Little Adam Taylor
Dave (THE Griff) Griffiths (GB Model sports)
Dave (Statler) Brown (Pit stop RC)
Robert (Ed Munster) Coatsworth
Michael (Lezzer) Letford (Other half of Team Twix)http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif
Terry (Tel shells) Atkinson

Right from the off Greg was away, with JB, Arron and Adam on his tail. After the second lap Adam was in second to sit there in comfort with Arron and JB trying to settle themselves leaving the field behind them. Where's Van?? I couldn't find him then I saw where he was. Bloody hell Van you're bringing up the rear, but he was coming through the field fast http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif

Lap 8 and Adam gets in a tangle with a back marker and rips his tyre of on their shell. "Thats it he" said "Don't be silly and get some more tyres on and get out there" I told him. He came in and they only changed the one tyre to a softer compound so he had to come in again to have the rest put on. He went out for two laps only to have his pit crew shout up fuel Adam. "WHAT" they didn't fill him while he was in the pits. A rooky mistake from his pit crew.

JB kept his cool as he knew the ropes with being a seasoned old (Fart) pro http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif until his lipo decided to go up in smoke and Jonno ended up throwing it before it took the receiver out. That was it JB was out.

Stetler Brown was keeping low under the radar..... He was there floating around the top 5 but something went wrong with his car, and he ended up in the balconies lol

Arron Girling, the quiet one, he was there never out of the top 4. What a drive for the lad. He kept everyone at bay except for Scott. And the last few laps saw Matt Bridge coming for him and over taking him. Arron kept with him and would not take defeat he came back at Matt and put the pressure on him. Every lap they was swapping places every few corners and it was then all down to the last lap, no the last few corners and Matt rolled it and Arron took the inside line and then proceeded to take 3rd place. Well done Arron brilliant drive.

Scott Francis, he kept his cool all race, he had his tussles but Alex and myself was trying our hardest to watch everyone. Great drive Scott to keep Arron and Matt at bay at the half way stage.

THE Griff, I heard this shout "DAVE PIT" looked down and Mandy and Lisa, yes you are right, I said Lisa pitting for Dave. http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif They was getting him in and out like they had both been doing it for him for years. They didn't even bite to the shit I was giving them. http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/laugh[1].gif I don't know how you did it Dave to get Lisa pitting for you... You must have promised her something!!!http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/w00t[1].gif

See you all at the next round if not before at the UKEM http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif