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19-09-2011, 10:20 PM
how much is a mardave vrx worth with

loads and loads of wheels n tires
4 brand new vapetech nimh 3300
1 used unknown make 3300
home made tire truer works of 7.2v battery
sierra cosworth shell no cracks
nosram dominator esc
standard servo
few motors 2 i think
alloy diff part (could do with new axle as it has a slight wobble but ive raced it as is and been fine)
upgrade nylon battery mounts which uses a velcro strap
blue alloy countersunk chassis
kimborough servo saver
front bumper to prevent shell from fouling on tires under impact

just asking as i need to claw some money back after buying a 4wd buggy and would like to list it in the for sale section

prices as a whole and seperate would be great as i have no idea on its value

your help will be greatly appreciated