View Full Version : Saturday 22nd October

18-10-2011, 12:46 PM
Right guys/gals with the endurance only 1 week away who is going to the track this Saturday 22nd October for a bit of sneeky pratice for the UKEM;

I will be there for sure NOT for some sneeky pratice but some pratice and quality time for myself really looking forward to it as Saturdays are a fantastic day to get all the pratice,help you need, advice at NDOR

As usual the canteen will be open all day with luxury food at great prices;

Proper flushing toilets for your better halves;

See you all on Saturday morning ;


24-10-2011, 02:18 PM
Thanks goes out to Tim for making it such a enjoyable day yet again for me;

The whether was great with lovely clear blue skies and nice sunshine, nice to see a few old and new faces at the track today and hope you all enjoyed your top quality time you had down there

Thankyou to Tracey once again for keeping us all fed and watered during the course of the day you do a fanatstic job and we all aprreciate it http://www.maxbashing.com/mbforum/images/smilies/wub[1].gif