View Full Version : Indoor Racing at Tivvy? something for consideration!!

22-11-2011, 08:09 PM
Had a good chat with one of the organisers from the Club that hosted the Mk Racing Gp last weekend. He had seen the video's & Images from this meet and was very enthusiastik about what he had seen and discussed it with his club members, he seemed to think people would ravel.....Is there any mileage in setting up another race date like this, but having cleared funds up front from the drivers?

Worked for the Mk Race meet...think all the 2wd slots were full weeks in advance of the race date & most of the 4wd positions had also been taken!

There's a real opportunity to put the Southwest Back on the race map again, and holding a meet like this that has a unique surface could well attract a good turn-out!

18-12-2011, 06:35 PM
I was at the MKGP and have to say it was a great meeting and a very good track

in short there is very good mileage in this type of event
if you hold it racers will turn up

just look at he Area51 and Off Road Wars events in January and February 2012
both fully booked months in-advance in both classes

The South West has been looking for this type of meeting for years
Ever since the Hazel Arena Closed its doors due to the chance of surface, many racers have had to travel miles to race