View Full Version : 15th Jan Race Day Questions...

24-12-2011, 02:56 PM
Just double checking that the 15th (weather permitting) is on as far as anyone can tell, and what time do folks usually turn up ?

I've re-built the S10 Blast BX, serviced my Maverick Evo XB and dusted of the X-pro... Not sure which I'll actually drive.

I have a set of the FastTrax H block (like bow tie) from last year, a set of Schuy Pins and the BX standard block tread... any other suggestions of tyres ?

Also..I'm running Brushed motors atm and NiMh packs... are 15t motors okay? Thinking of upgrading the stock motor in the Blast.

I'm looking forward to doing some laps...ain't driven on a track for over a year :D


24-12-2011, 08:14 PM
Yep, defenately on, like you say, weather permitting !

10:30am is a good time to arrive by.

If my memory serves me right we are due to race on the grass track (Dave may correct me on this).


2wd Front: Shumacher Stagger Ribs
2wd Rear: Scumacher Mini Spike Yellows (or Greens if wet)

4wd Front: Schumacher Mini Spikes (4wd chaps may correct me)
4wd Rear: Scumacher Mini Spikes


2wd Fronts: Stagger Ribs or plain/kit Ribs
2wd Rear: Pro Line Bow Tie M3's

4wd Front: Not sure, lol. Any 4wd chaps here ??
4wd Rear: As above, lol.

I'd bring what tyres you have tbh.

I have a brushed 17T motor & NiMh batterys on my Mad Rat which, though lacking on the straights is certainly do'able, depends on the limit of your ESC i guess.

May meet up just after xmas (see thread) if you fancy coming just to give the track(s) a go etc...


25-12-2011, 01:17 AM

Would be great to meey you, dan has about covered the tyres etc Don't spend a fortune, just come down and enjoy yourself,

If we stick to the plan we should be running on grass on 15th.