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24-12-2011, 06:24 PM
Hi there,

As all of you know, dirt doesn't make so much trouble in buggies and truggies, when using open wheel design, but in closed wheel design and offroad (rally touring cars, short courses, etc.), mud gets all over the chassis and it is extremely difficult to clean it then.

So, I managed to make a dust cover for LRP Blast S10 ShortCourse.
I have measured my Blast SC's chassis dimensions, made a layout in AutoCAD and cut it out from white styrene sheet. Dust cover was glued together with some dry wall reinforcement tape and "Shoe Goo" glue. I made attachment points from Velcro tape and also made mud fenders on rear A-Arms (attached with zip ties):) Also I made the little covers near the steering assembly to lessen the mud, that gets in through the front part. The sides of the dust cover and the A-arms mud guards were coated with aluminum scotch tape to make it more realistic than simply plain white.

The dust cover is pretty accurate.








I have tested it and it works. It is not perfect, but it deflects most of the mud saving your time by cleaning detailed chassis and cramped areas around electronics! :)

27-12-2011, 04:41 PM
It's an interesting design... But is heat an issue ?...

I understand the need to stop dust and prevent larger debris but I'd be tempted to add some vents somewhere.

Nice though... :)


28-12-2011, 02:51 PM
As for now, heat is not a problem, at least until late spring here. But I have forseen cooling holes (for motor fan and ESC fan), as seen in my design screenshot. It should be covered with some type of dense mesh (anti-insect type or similar). Even a little mudguards around these holes would make some more protection, but I don't think it is very necessary. Also I think, there should be effective to make a few vents on the top rear of the shell as seen in Jconcepts Traxxas Slash overtray (as seen in attached pic). I think these should be facing towards the rear.