View Full Version : To all Aero A-One Owners!!!!!! Please Read!!!

10-03-2008, 02:16 PM
For the attention of all Aero A-One owners:

We The Raceplace in association with Aero Racing are interested to hear your comments positive/negative regarding your Aero A-one.
We want to know from the moment you placed your order to the moment the car gets packed away to go home!!!

In order for the company to grow and estabilish itself we need to make sure that what it is correct improves and anything incorrect is put right.

Most of you will have received an email from Aero last week regarding updated products... We are aware of these and steps are already well under way to improve the product.

Please send all comments to:


Please add your name so we are aware who we receive feedback from...


The Raceplace