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15-01-2012, 11:25 PM
15th January 2012

I'll have to start taking notes...all from memory again.

So...First race day of the new year and after the last unprompted race just after Christmas hopes where high for a good turn out.

And a good turn out we got. Dan and Myself were first on the scene followed by Carl and Simon. Track discussion immediately started as Dave and Jonathan had been down the weekend before to address the grass track and it was the first time anyone had seen the new layout...granted the grass track itself did not look the best option due to weather conditions and after a quick inspection of the dirt track the choice was made... dirt!

Dave arrives soon after and cars were out and being prepared for some dirt racing.

Round One

Line up was myself with my brushed X-Pro, Carl with his Kyosho and Dan with his Madrat hop-up. Things got off well but we had to end the round a bit early...well...actually after only 4 laps due to some flat batteries but it was still good to get a feel of the track. Granted my poor brushed buggy was not going to be able to keep up but it's all good fun.

Round Two

Dave, Dan and Simon lined up for this one... at this point we'd decided just to mix and match as we went so we'd all get more drive time in, well that's what I thought at the time...

So off they went, Dave was driving his B4 I believe and Simon was an X6 (might be wrong) Dan of course was putting the power down with his Madrat... It was a good start and a very exciting race with Simon and Dave jousting for the front position and Dan putting in a very good show all through the laps. Simon had the win with this one.

By this time we'd had several more people turn up..spectators and bashers. A family came to watch and get some tech tips and another family arrived to get an 8th scale nitro fixed by Dave which of course he gladly did. Also a couple arrived with His and Hers nitro 8th buggies to have a play so it was at this point the more structured racing took a break and we just did the odd heat when we could.

The visitors were enjoying it all very much and we did put on a great show...

Round Three

Was another outing for me, between the new faces trying to drive there 8th scales and a couple of HPI nitro's being thrown around. Needless to say I came last but I'm proud to say I improved and I'm very happy that after a small bit of coaching from Simon I was getting used to the huge jump just under the rostrum. I think Carl took the victory with Dan second.

Once again after round three the 8th scales came out and Dave showed some of his skills with his Losi 8 also....

Round 4

Started and ended in 4 seconds.... Dave leading Simon and Carl. Dave landed a perfect jump but still broke his Mad Monkey...so after a brief pause he came back with his B4 and we were off again. This was an excellent race, very exciting and some very high speeds and good air...Simon had to pull out right near the end as he watched helplessly as one of his rear wheels flew off and bounced away. I think Carl might have got the win with this one...

More 8th Nito's messing around and bashing...and breaking...good fun though :)

Round 5

The last round of actual racing and for me was the best of the day. Carl and Simon had left for the day but Dave and Dan took to the track and had a spectacular race. Dan was in the lead for the first 4 laps and was doing an excellent of job of answering all the questions that Dave was asking of him, but I think the pressure got to much and Dan made a few mistakes and it was all over... Dave took the lead and opened up a half a lap gap in the closing laps. Dan was still pushing hard and both drivers put on a fantastic show getting some huge air over the large jump and really producing a crowed pleasing race.

Today was an excellent day for getting used to new a surface I've not driven on. Lots was learned by many people...and it was great to see so many new faces and have lots of visitors. The racing of course did suffer a little but it's not always about racing...it is however always about having fun. And we had fun today.

Hopefully some of our visitors today will pick up a buggy and get involved with the racing side of RC as well as the bashing side.

Once again, if I'm wrong with the details I'm sorry, I think I've missed a couple of rounds as I'm sure Carl lost a wheel at one point in one of the 'between bashing' rounds :)... was a good day though and I did not get lost on the way home either....


15-01-2012, 11:43 PM
You've got it all wrong, Simon drives a Vega... :D

Great reporting there J, maybe you should interview all attendees & take notes next time (or would that be pushing it ?) :p

Great stuff chap :thumbsup:

19-01-2012, 02:14 AM
Have to correct 1 thing, the wheel came off simons vega, leaving me n dave to fight it out, well not much of a fight as the mcs slim proved too hot for dave:D.
Enjoying while I can........:thumbsup: O.K dave may of had a bit of marshal problems, and simon lost a wheel but the important thing is I WON .......:wub
Great to see so many new faces, and hope to c them again.
Nice work jason, top bloke.:thumbsup:lovin the NBC logo