View Full Version : To Drag Brake or Not to Drag Brake that is the Question

Take 'A' Chance
22-01-2012, 06:36 PM
Just interested on people's opinions regarding drag brake.

1. How much is too much?
2. What benefits can i expect from more or less?
3. Is it cheating?

As a newcomer back into the sport i find myself using the highest drag brake setting on my Orca Esc, this is because my brain doesn't respond fast enough to the speed of the car and without it i probably would crash at most corners.

What do people think about this as my lap times without are shocking compared to that of with, should i just turn it off completely and practice with the brakes on my own in the hope that it will improve my lap times in the long run.

Any other tips regardig this subject would be much appreciated...

22-01-2012, 06:42 PM
What speedo and settings mate? I run orca too so maybe you can try my settings? I flit betwix the two, depending on tracks. If they have long sweeping corners I reduce it, if it's tight and feisty then it's up to about half. Shall we have a look on Thursday?