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Darren Boyle
25-01-2012, 12:59 PM
Now confirmed by all by all clubs and venues the following are the regional off road dates for the BRCA Mid South region for 2012.

Round 1 - Herts Model Car Club (Ware) - April 29th
Round 2 - Stotfold Model Car Club - May 6th
Round 3 - Surrey & Hants R/C Car Club - June 24th
Round 4 - T.O.R.C.H - July 29th
Round 5 - DMS Model Car Club - August 19th

Round 1 - T.O.R.C.H - April 22nd
Round 2 - DMS Model Car Club (Watford) - May 20th
Round 3 - Surrey & Hants R/C Car Club - May 27th
Round 4 - Herts Model Car Club (Ware) - June 10th
Round 5 - Stotfold Model Car Club - July 22nd

Both series will be best 3 from 5 rounds to count

No "emergency" date has been pencilled in to the calender this year since each series will revert to 3 rounds from 4 should any meeting fall foul of inclement weather or similar like we experienced a few years back

Open events will be held at all rounds for classes outides of the "regional class" (including trucks, short course and possibly micros - if enough interest in any class)

Booking in is via the usual DMS Booking-In service at www.dmsresults.co.uk (http://www.dmsresults.co.uk/) (already open). Racers are all reminded to keep hold of their confirmation entry email until AFTER each event expires. Each confirmation email includes a link for each competitor to be able to click should the need arise to withdraw from an event prior to it taking place. Without the email you have no way of withdrawing and it will be your responsability to contact the hosting club in order to notify them. Anyone faling to do so or simply not showing for the event may lose the right to book in online in advance.

Booking in is 10 pre-entered, 15 arrive/pay on the day for the BRCA regional class - Open Class(s) are 5 each.

Trophies for the BRCA class will be awarded for TQ overall and 1st place in every final at each meeting.

A reminder that as per last year, that ALL racers are expected to have access or use of a PT for lap counting, only minimal handout or loan units will be around at each meeting.

14-02-2012, 03:13 PM
Just spotted the 2012 paper entry form now available on the Stotfold web site (http://www.stotfoldmcc.com) as a printable PDF file, has useful additional information.

Direct link: Here (http://www.stotfoldmcc.com/files/Regional_entry_form_2012.pdf)