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29-01-2012, 09:33 PM
NBC Memory Race Report

29th January 2012

Bitter cold with ground frost... 30 feet visibility due to fog. Wind speeds that made you cry as you strained to look at the track....Possible Hypothermia in 5 mins if not in a survival suit

These were not quite the conditions we had today...it was actually quite nice, well okay we had the bitter cold but overall not a bad day to be at the track :)

Race 1

Jason and Carl

I'll class this one as a warm up as it was a run around to test the new brushless system I've put into my buggy. What is the system I hear you say, well it's a cheap and cheerful Etronics 9T and it's a very pretty blue colour and has an easy to use program card and it all cost just 69 .. bargain..

All that aside we started to have a race around. I was really enjoying the new potential top end speed I had now and was not too far behind Carl when the first of my days damages happened, nothing to massive a turnbuckle popped off due to lack of thread lock so after 7 laps the race was called and Carl got a well deserved win.

Race 2

Dave and Simon

While I fixed up the turnbuckle Carl took the lap counts and we also had the first batch of visitors looking for assistance and advice and as usual it was gladly given. Dave and Simon headed out to the track and had a very good tussle around, I'm not sure who took the final honours but I think it was Dave

Race 3

Jason, Joe, Jack and Shaun

Madrat Cup Warm up...

Ahh..a large heat, lots of cars, all pretty novice drivers...let carnage commence!

Race 3 had a great start and was cleaner then I thought it was going to be. We all made it past the first corner with only just a little rubbing and we were powering around the track. Being not use at all to 9T brushless power it was still catching me out from time to time and with Jack driving very well indeed, very steady and with some great lines he took the lead with myself in second, Shaun in third and Joe bring up the rear.

However by lap 3 something had gone very wrong with Shaun's Rat, we paused to give time for Shaun to investigate but it was terminal for this race at least so off we went again.

Jack and I were having a good race and Joe was making good time too and then once again I was out of luck and this time it was worse...another turnbuckle but this time the ball cup had split so I was out too. Jack and Joe finished off the race with Jack winning the first Madrat Cup Warm up heat.

Race 4

Dave, Simon and Carl

Carl opting for 4wd in this one for a change of pace and ride height and the race was on.... All 3 drivers had an excellent start and Simon took and early lead but by the table top Dave was whooshing around and jump past him. Carl was bringing up the rear... Dave and Simon had a very close few laps with no major incidents.. Carl was bringing up the rear :)

It came down to the last lap of very close racing between Dave and Simon, Carl had retired at this point with handling (or maybe ride height) issues and Dave took the win.

Race 5

Jason, Joe and Jack

By know I'd discovered that my car was a bit worse off then I thought, in fact not only had I snapped the turnbuckle but I'd broke the bulkhead and snapped my main chassis...cry...I was just gonna drive it but then my transmitter decided to die too...cry again... Thanks again Carl and Simon for trying really hard to get me fixed up :)

Dave to the rescue, he let me borrow his Losi 22 'drool' ...So the race was on...

A good start, Shaun was still out at this point having electrical issues so Jack, Joe and myself had a good race. It was very close at times between Jack on myself but Jack had a clear lead on me by lap 6 and he kept that all the way to the Win. The Losi was amazing to drive, really nice and it's making me think that one day I may indulge and get one. Jack took a great win on this one and showed some skills on the new track.

Race 6

Dave, Simon and Carl

After lots of tweaking at the pits table it was time to put on another show. Once again a good start. The track by now had actually changed quite a lot since the first few races and the grip conditions had changed, the layout had also changed slightly for the last couple of races but Dave, Simon and Carl were still charging round.

By mid way all 3 were still doing well and Carl had taken the lead for half a lap but did fall back to 3rd on lap 7 and I think was lapped right at the end. Dave once again took the win and continued his dominance of the days racing.

Edit: I think Smudge was racing in this one two and doing quite well I seem to remember... sorry about not mentioning that before.

Race 7

Jason, Joe, Jack, Shaun and Nathan

Joy, I get to drive the 22 again. Big numbers this heat as we had Shaun back and we were joined by Nathan and his Madrat.

This race was excellent. Jack took and early lead with myself in second and Shaun and Joe keeping Pace but soon Nathan made his way through the field and took the lead by lap 3 or 4. He maintained a very healthy lead with Jack and myself fighting it out for second. Joe had batteries issued but fought through to the end. Nathan won with a good half a lap lead on me with Jack coming in 3rd. Excellent race!

Race 8

Dave, Simon and Carl

Last race of the day and it was a thriller. All 3 drivers had excellent pace and were putting in some blinding laps. Carl was putting on an excellent drive and kept in the fight all the way to the end. We had some excellent racing between Dave and Simon with the lead being passed between them several times over the 10 laps.

It all came down to the last lap, with all drivers now making some small mistakes it was great sporting conduct that shone threw as both Dave and Simon waited a number of times for the Marshals to get involved and sort out the cars. It was neck and neck all the way to the line and I was about to give the win to Dave when on the very last turn after the very last jump Dave bottled it and drove his Monkey into the wall allowing Simon to get the win by no more then a couple of tenths of a second.

It was a very exciting race indeed... Simon took the win from Dave by a few inches and Carl was gaining all the time.

Another great day at the NBC!!

I'd like to give a special thanks to our guest today who in between rounds had some fun bashing around on the track with there cars and then took an active part providing marshaling duties for us even though they were not racing. Thanks!

Watching that Blitz Short Course truck on the dirt track made me want one haha.


01-02-2012, 04:05 AM
Another good day, more new members. It is looking good for 2012

02-02-2012, 07:00 PM
Great report J, i expected nothing less :p

I must say, the weather near me wasn't too sharp & was sure it would be a mud bath at the track so glad to hear it was raceable :)

Looking forward to some dirt action in 2 weeks :thumbsup:

09-02-2012, 08:58 PM
hi Nathan and Ian here just wondering what track we are racing on this week thanks :p

09-02-2012, 09:13 PM
Found Oople then mate:D. the white track:cry: