View Full Version : CONGRATULATIONS!!!

09-02-2012, 09:42 AM
I'd like to thank Gary for the extra "effort" he put in to help out with his club last night - the super glue remover really did work:)

I think it showed that with little effort (and i do mean little) it makes a difference to everyone as it free's up someone elses time who may need it to do something constructive.
It was also one of the earliest finishing nights in a while and the track was taken down and packed away in no time at all - and it all come's down to everyone just doing their little bit rather than a select FEW doing lots.

So Gary, i take my hat off to you as you proved me wrong and i congratulate you for last nights work and for all the help you'll be giving in the future to help YOUR CLUB grow.

Take note everyone else who thinks that carrying 2 tyres off the stage is enough - it really isn't too hard to do that bit more.:)

So then, who's up next to get singled out.......

09-02-2012, 10:03 AM
Marshalling was certainly better covered this week too.. A noticeable difference.

We covered all racers with transponders too, which freed up a good amount of time for me during rounds (no manual counting required), thus allowing me to race, get some bits sorted on my car and cover off my marshalling. Definately worked better.

Gary still has a way to go with regards helping, but now he has done some of the jobs, he has broadened the skills (he has previously denied having..) and will be able to do a little more each week.. It seemed a struggle, but certainly helped!

We sorted out numbered marshalling points for racers (as suggested by Gary), and with a little bit of a push, Gary went and put them out. Again, thanks. Something he can add to his weekly duties lol..

Maybe He can set an example for those that aren't currently doing their bit... A small amount of help from everyone makes a big difference to the few who normally have to do everything..

09-02-2012, 02:42 PM
no need for thanks
a little goes a long way

the marshall points seem to help people find a spot and not just look and see four people on track side and wonder off back to the pits