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22-02-2012, 04:23 PM
Hi All,

Darren and I have had a meeting today to discuss the new track features and venue. With the rug being pulled from our feet via the venue cancelling this weeks meeting at short notice, we have come to a decision about Winter Indoors. with only 4 meetings left we have decide to stop the indoor racing as of now, so no more.

We've taken this route so we can get the new outdoor venue made and prepared in double quick time. The time and effort we (and all the great support) put in can be redirected to get the new site ready within just a few weeks.

It's a bit of a relief to be honest as the indoor racing has been a heck of a lot of work/time and stress!!!!!!!. Although rewarding seeing the recent turnouts, so we've done/been doing something right.

So now we have a bit of downtime away from racing to build the track and features, which spreads all our loads a little easier as we do need to work at some point along the line!!!.

It's a shame but times move on, we've got a track to build :thumbsup:.

We'd like to thank all those people who have made the indoor racing fun, mad, tiring and most of all succesfull. Mostly, thanks to all who have raced, we look forward to welcoming you back in March :thumbsup:

22-02-2012, 05:24 PM
Good job but may I suggest you answer the MK GP thread

22-02-2012, 05:57 PM
Look forward to seeing you down Tony for your first race at SHRCCC, seeing it's on your doorstep now :thumbsup:.