View Full Version : Bash at Sherburn in Elmet 20-22 April

01-04-2012, 07:24 AM
Hi all for any of you that may be interested in a meet I am holding a simple meet non comp which i am sure will become competitve as they always do at SHERBURN IN ELMET just of the A1 on April 20-22nd.

Camping no problems, they can cater for europitches for those with caravans, tents trailer tents etc they have 10 arces to play on!
full toilets facitlities including disabled.

OK so whats happening and why....

its happening to try and improve the UKRCRC club and meet up with new faces.

WHY? so why you guys well its simple theres an old go kart circuit there thats no longer used, so fancy your chances??? its not massive ideal for 1/10 scale, there will also be off roading drag races etc....
its basically come with as much as you can help me out set something up and have a chilled weekend.

Ok so this is going to cost me???

maybe not ! if you come on a motor bike its totally free, tenting free, parking during the stay is 10 per day to include hard standing for your car over night.

So is there much there, well its gonna be simple to say the least but the more that make it the better and theres already quiet a few from the UKRCRC brigade gonna turn up.

There is electric for those wanting it 5 per token (not timed but on usage) there are a few of us bringing chargers but more the merrier.

Bring and buy section - why not bring allong anything you want rid of I dont car what it is it will create interest and you may just find something you want there too.

I will be on site from midday Friday through till Sunday, I am disabled myself so the more people who can help me out would be greatfull.

As for my back ground - i used to race super Nitro may years ago, been in to all forms of RC gear for too many years and love it to death.

there will be an off road course for scalers and rock crawlers, large open fields for grass racing and of course the race track for those of you who like speed (which from what i have seen on here is about 99% of you)

If you want more info have a look on UKRCRC thread NON COMP Meets or if your not a member have a look on Google type SQUIRES CAFE SHERBURN - images

at the site there is a large pub and meeting room, on Sat night a free band is being laid on for a local bike rally the menu is also on there web site and i can personnaly recomend all there food.

Its not expensive either which all helps.
if you need a lift or coming via train we can help there too, Garforth is the nearest station and i live in Doncaster which is the main terminal and have only 1 seat left to bring someone through on the Firday and drop back on the Sunday.

My number for more details 07764 683388

Hoping that at least some of you can make it.

PS no open fires are allowed if camping due to insurance issues - sorry.


Chris aka Cysty:thumbsup: