04-04-2012, 08:54 AM
You know how we hate to bitch at you guys about stuff but...

We are getting slammed with complaints at the moment...Pete and I are getting pretty fed up with the whole thing to be honest. The hall is now owned by the council, and we have to play by their rules to keep it... Not only that but the one supporter we have is trying to back out of her role with the hall...probably because she's getting it in the neck for anything that all the other people that use it might be doing as well.


Not only are we now slamming doors, beeping horns, wheel spinning and flashing our lights in peoples windows when we leave, standing outside the neighbours back door swearing and shouting keeping 'her' up, but we are also moving all the furniture around in the back room, leaving empty wine bottles out, covering the whole place in black dust and not clearing and sweeping up properly.

The last part of that comes from the hall committee though...

can we please leave the place as we find it! We are not your parents wanting to chase you around...we know that it all sounds ridiculous, and we're fairly sure that most of this isn't even us, but...

In order for YOU to keep this racing venue (and the current committee intact at this rate)...

We need to get out by 11:30pm and leave quietly. We will be trying to keep the racing finishing the racing in a timely manner to keep this possible.

CLEAR UP YOUR OWN MESS before you leave.


Return ANY furniture, chairs tables etc to where you found it.

Smokers please stand out in the cutaway opposite the kitchen window to smoke and chat quietly.

That is all for now.

With all that said...We do enjoy it really...the racing and banter is bloomin great these days, and the time between 7:30pm and 11pm on a friday is great fun! It's just a few moments in between that are less fun. If we can all pull together and keep it clean then those moments won't out way the fun factor. And we can be confident that when they complain, we can reply that it wasn't us!

Rant over. Thank you.