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  1. jamie 6.5t
    jamie 6.5t
    mate i was just wondering is there any chance that i could come with you lot on Sunday ide like to keep practicing with the Tamiya cos i thought i almost had the hang of it yesterday would be much appreciated its 8 isnt it for the racing at ardent isnt it thanks alot nigel
  2. jamie 6.5t
    jamie 6.5t
    right matey im not even shaw i want a touring car tbh cos i thought what i might do is buy a buggy of some sort so that i can race it indoors and when we come to moving outdoors i can still race matey thanks for the offer ill think about it thanks
  3. tkd
    Aup mate what ever you do don't buy, that mi1 the drive shafts are crap and always brake and the suwy cars all in all are not very durable, if you want better tc I mite sell you my xray t2 with a box of spares for 70 if you want it

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