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  1. cobra_shadow
    hey james fancy some racking ? theres a guy getting rid foc on the forums
  2. cobra_shadow
    james will phone steve and see about getting over there too have a look at the stuff
  3. jameswilkinson7
    Hi guys.
    A few of us are looking in to starting an outdoor off road 10th electric track in Keighley west yorkshire. We have been offered a nice piece of land that we can do preity much what ever we want with. The area is large enough for a nice sized track with plenty of pitting space. Im posting this to see how much interest we have from racers in this area. Our local club 10electric has round 10 members that have shown an interest. We require people to help set this up and help run it. If you are interested please post or send me a pm. If we can get enough people interested we will go for it!

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