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  1. Si Coe
    Si Coe
    You don't have a 1/10th car, we don't race 1/8th and you haven't paid membership for 2012. You ARE a non-member by any definition. And as you pointed out you'll be away for a while, so weren't about to become a member either.
    You chose to sell your 1/10th and move to a class we don't support and aren't going to. I told you then it wasn't going to change - we've tried 1/8th before and it didn't work - so its not like you weren't warned! So right now, you aren't part of Bury and don't have any business there, by your own choice.
    Now, if you got a 1/10th and decided to come back - well then we'd have to consider things. But for now its all moot - you aren't racing with us ban or no ban.

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